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In the NO Podcast Episode 133: The Most Important Offseason in the World

Published: April 21, 2013

Michael and I get together to set the table for an absolutely vital off-season for the New Orleans Pelicans. We talk cap space, player contracts, what types of players they can go after, what their lottery odds are and most likely results. Then we talk about Gordon and Rivers and Davis and how each of them could improve for next year.

It’s time for the team to keep moving forward, and not just with a new name!
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Enjoy the Podcast!


The Pelicans don't need Eric Bledsoe and we didn't need that bum Eric Gordon. We need size in the paint and a veteran small forward. Aminu has shown potential but he can't guard some of the best small forwards in the league. I'd like to see Brian Roberts stay on and get more minutes. Greivis Vasquez has been good for us, it was just his first year as a starter, with extended minutes. We need a veteran small forward, not someone who is in the twilight of their career.


I wonder why a thorough analysis of a trade for Bledsoe from the Clipper perspective has not been done. Why would the Clippers accept anything the Pelicans could offer? Would Dell Demps be willing to part with Ryan Anderson to get Bledsoe? Why would the Clippers ever accept Vasquez + Lopez for Bledsoe + Contract (either Jordan or Butler being the only options)?


I would welcome a Vasquez/Lopez for Bledsoe/Jordan trade. Don't really see why the Clips would bite though.


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