Final Game: Hornets @ Mavericks

Published: April 17, 2013

The season has boiled down to a nearly(yes, nearly. see bottom of post for lottery placement implications) meaningless game between two teams that aren’t going anywhere.  It’s not really a fantastic way to say goodbye to the brand so many of us have happily followed, but in a lot of ways, it’s the best way to say hello to the new Pelicans Brand.

I’m pretty excited.  My Pelicans will eat your ducklings.  While you watch.

Next year is primed for massive improvement. This summer the Hornets can easily plug two gaping holes in their starting line-up by using their extensive cap space and draft pick. Combine that with Anthony Davis’ inevitable (inevitable, damnit!) development on already strong play, potential improvement to Eric Gordon’s health, and it is not hard to see the Hornets vaulting into the playoff discussion.

And, of course, the Hornets will still have players for us to love and hate. Austin Rivers isn’t going anywhere. Lightning Rod! Eric Gordon probably isn’t going anywhere. Whipping Boy!

You can’t get much better than that, right? Even if we have a non-playoff season, at least will have villains to fume and grizzle over!

It’ll be a long summer without basketball, but the draft and free agency are going to be exciting.  And we’ll cover it all.  Keep coming back!

Oh, and there’s a game tonight.  Honestly, watch it or not, it matters little – but look forward to next year.

Lottery Implications of the game

With news that Marcus Smart is staying in college rather than going into the draft and being a top 3-pick (bad decision, by the way. Take the money as a high pick and go, especially with next year’s crazy set of freshmen) the Hornets need to hold on to the 5th slot more than ever. The pool of solid players at the top just got smaller. If the Hornets lose tonight, they hold that spot no matter what. If they win, then Sacramento has to beat the Clippers (who are fighting for seeding) for the Hornets to take slot 5 – otherwise, they share slot five and it may come down to a coin flip to see who lands where.

And really, why let a coin decide the issue, Monty?  I want to see 35 minutes of a Terrel Harris-Xavier Henry backcourt.  I want to see plays called with Ryan Anderson as the pick and roll ball-handler and Robin Lopez as the pop-shooter.  I want Grievis Vasquez guarding Dirk Nowitzki all game long.


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