Hornets Beat: After the Last Home Game

Published: April 15, 2013

As the season nears it’s end our writers give their takes on how it’s gone so far. We also discuss why we’re rooting for and against certain teams that are fortunate enough to still be relevant.

1. On a scale of 1-10 (5 being and average season), how much have you enjoyed this season?

Michael McNamara: An 8. When Davis was out for that long stretch, I was pretty miserable, but I loved watching every minute he was on the court. It is so obvious to me that we got our Duncan, our KG, our Robinson, whomever you want to compare him to. We got our franchise cornerstone, and that is by far the hardest piece to get. Watching him has made this an enjoyable season for me because I know I am watching the beginning of something special.

Jake Madison: 6.5. It was exciting to watch Anthony Davis progress as the season went on. Austin Rivers too. Ryan Anderson was great to watch shooting from deep. But ultimately the losing wore on me as the season went on.

Jason Calmes: 9. It would have been a 10, but the Eric Gordon drama hampered things a bit. I’m fine with the record, the play, the moves, etc.

Chris Trew: 10. I’m an optimist to the max and it’s been pretty enjoyable watching the beginning of what I believe will be a very good team. I’m thankful the team is in New Orleans for the long haul and every game this year has felt like a celebration of that.

Joe: 3. The losing has killed me the last few years. If this keeps up too much longer I’ll have to return to the stands. Rumor has it they serve alcohol there.

2. What have you enjoyed most?

MM: I probably already answered this with my previous answer, but beyond Davis, I have really enjoyed watching Ryan Anderson. Watching a big man drain a three is already one of the most exciting things in the game, but add to that Ryan’s all out hustle and effort, and he is already one of my favorite players in Hornets (now Pelicans) history.

Jake: I think what I’ve liked the most is the way the offense evolved in the second half of the year. Monty opened the playbook up and we started to see different sets and more off ball movement. It’s nice to see that Monty can run an exciting offense with his prefered slow pace.

Jason: This season had a flurry of off-court activity that was fascinating to watch, especially all piled on top of one another. It’ll never happen again.

Chris: I’m thankful for the rebrand and getting to witness all the changes that come along with that. It’s a rare thing to occur in sports and we’ve been in the middle of it since day one. Also, those $3 Chris Paul jerseys were pretty funny. I purchased three of them for an art project I’ll share with you all one day soon.

Joe: Maybe the best thing so far is simply that fans have been patient regarding improvement. I’m having a really hard time waiting to be decent, and that makes me think that other people must be feeling the same. It’s great that we’re not freaking out collectively, because this is just the beginning of the road.

3. What have you disliked most?

MM: The fact that I have to root for losses. I love this team, and have since I was 8 years old, but I saw Chris Paul fall short in the playoffs because he (and the Hornets) were too good, too soon. Once we started 5-22, I was all aboard the tank, rooting for a top five pick in a draft that I think is solid at the very top but sketchy after picks 7 or 8. I will root for one more loss, Wednesday at Dallas, but after that, NEVER AGAIN!

Jake: The regression of the defense. I’m not a huge fan of the collapse everyone style. At least when it’s not even preventing looks at the rim.

Jason: The Eric Gordon drama. This should have been handled in the offseason and made clear from day one. They should have rehabbed this guy from the moment he had his surgery and had him ready for our opening night. OUR opening night.

Chris: I dislike the Pelican hate. It’s here and there’s nothing you can do about it now besides become a Bobcats fan or cheer for the team that’s closest to teal. Let’s move on. Please don’t spend all your allowance on getting sewing your own throwback Hornets jerseys with Otto Porter or Brandon Jennings or whoever is our big addition this Summer.

Joe: Losing. Look, I realize that we were going to be bad. That said, I hate it. As Chris Paul once said, “I hate losing more than I love winning”. I feel the same…

4. Who will you be rooting for in the playoffs?

MM: I am rooting for the best possible Finals and since I know that the Heat will get there, I am rooting for the Spurs because I think they are the only team that has a chance to take the Heat to 7, or even beat them.

Jake: The 16 time world champion Los Angeles Lakers–for all of, probably, 4 games.

Jason: Indiana in the East, for David West. Spurs in the West since they are not despicable and I have a ton of respect for Duncan.

Chris: I won’t be watching the playoffs since I’ll be way too busy with planning my draft lottery voodoo ritual ceremony. You all should be rooting for me.

Joe: Out West I’d like to see either the Spurs, Thunder, Nuggets or Warriors do some damage. In the east it’s Pacers, Bucks or bust. Seems like I’ll be disappointed with the Eastern Conference results…

5. Who will you be rooting against?

MM: If Kobe were still around, I would have said the Lakers but that’s pointless now. They have no chance, if they even get there. Instead, my venom will be unleashed on the Clippers, mostly because of the way they play. A bunch of whinning, flopping babies that bend the rules in a way that just makes them impossible to root for. I also am fascinated to see what CP3 does if they are one and done in the playoffs. The guy wanted to leave here because he wanted to win big. How do you re-sign in LA if your team is regressing and you have no financial flexibility to get better?

Jake: The Clippers for all the reasons Mike said.

Jason: Knicks in the East (sorry, Tyson). Clippers in the West (sorry, Wille).

Chris: The Kenner Clippers, the Metairie Knicks and the Slidell Lakers. That’s where all those fans come from, right?

Joe: The Heat, Lakers, Clippers, Knicks. Always. Forever.

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