The Last Mile

Published: April 7, 2013

The last mile
Before I sleep
It’ll be a while
Before I get my peace

— Cinderella, The Last Mile


The New Orleans Hornets went 1-2 for week, defeating only the lowly Cavaliers, bringing their record to 26-50. With just 6 games remaining, the Hornets have the 6th worst record in the NBA, 1.5 games from 5th, 1 game from 7th.

The 20 point win over the Cavaliers may not seem totally surprising, but it was remarkable in a few aspects. While Kyrie had a great night, Vasquez had 25 points on 16 shots and played well overall. The Hornets won the battle at the line, 20 of 29 vs 9 of 12. Also, the Hornets shot an incredible 12 of 21 from 3.

Though the Warriors defeated the Hornets by 10, the game was both better and worse than the score indicates. The fourth quarter started with the Hornets down only 4. Then the Hornets scored only 2 free throws in nearly 5 minutes, leaving them down 11 before making a field goal. The deficit reached 16 before the starters were pulled and the backups trimmed 6 in the last minute-plus. The Hornets were just a little outplayed in many categories: 3 more buckets, 3 more 3’s; an additional free throw rounded out the difference. The Hornets’ advantage at rebounding could not overcome their poorer shooting.

This 95-83 loss to the Jazz is easy to explain: The Hornets shot 2 of 12 from three; the Jazz shot 11 of 26.

The Hornets play the lowlier Suns tonight at 8 CT. It can be seen on FSNO and heard on 105.3 FM in the New Orleans area.


Following up on the practice facility update a few weeks ago, we have some more detail. From the company doing the work:

Woodward Design+Build will be providing design and general construction services for the Hornets basketball facility. The project calls for new construction of a Hornets basketball facility at the site of the current Saints training complex, as well as renovations to a 12,500 square foot existing building. The new addition will include a 2 court basketball gym, a weight room, training room, theatre and video room for training and practice purposes. The addition will also include offices and conference rooms for Hornets operations. Woodward is also renovating the existing building, incorporating a new players’ locker room and a coaches’ locker room as well as showers, hot/cold plunge tubs, a steam room and equipment room.

They show the much-advertised $10m price and completion date of September 2013. It won’t be shiny and new to show off to free agents, but there was been significant progress on the structure and the detailed drawings are impressive. The combination should satisfy most free agents, and even a small slip on some of the appointments will still allow the facility to be used for its intended purpose in time for training camp and the preseason.

Around the Site

In the first In the NO Podcast this week, Gerry V checks in while Michael discusses how the Tournament affected his opinion of some players. In the second, Michael Pellissier expounds on Eric Gordon while Michael and Ryan try to figure out how little losing helps.

In a backcourt-focused week, Mike looks forward to the next point guard in this week’s The Missing Piece. Ryan looked at the team’s broken defense, the cure of which is perimeter defense. Michael Pellissier revisited an article that examined how often the Hornets retain possession off of a Gordon miss depending on whether he is driving or not looking at Vasquez instead.

`Voices’ of the People

It’s not that players today are not physical. They are unable to do the things that happened back then because regular fouls back then are now considered flagrant fouls. I am sure LeBron would be great in a physical environment due the fact that he is 6’8 250lbs and has a 44.6in. vertical. It’s all about how people were raised to play the game and back then the rules were not heavily enforced as they are today. On top of all this no matter who played when, LeBron would simply put destroy Monty one on one. In all honesty you should not be able to wrap your arms around another player.

Marks STL

This was the most aggressive I have seen Gordon all year and he seemed to keep it up in the second half. We played against Golden State, which the deadline trade rumors were based around; and, I remember hearing Joel Meyers say that Dell Demps was at the game last night. That can’t be a coincidence, right?


Rajon Rondo isn’t on my big board.

A) Torn ACL
B) Coasts through regular season games
C) Haven’t seen how he would play without a big market and winning team
D) He’s always had a guy like Garnett in the locker room. In N.O. he’ll have… Eric Gordon. (gulp)
E) By the time he’s 100% health-wise, he’ll be on the last year of his contract (2014-2015)

Rajon Rondo isn’t on my big board.


42 Sense

With the last full week of Hornets basketball (as far as we know) and of New Orleans Hornets basketball (for sure), fans should take in a much as they can. The last two home games are Friday against the Clippers and Sunday against the Mavericks. Get out there if for no reason other than to see something that has been enjoyable enough to fight for before it goes away.

This is not a ding on “Pelicans.” Appreciation of what the Hornets have given does not preclude appreciation of what the Pelicans will give us. And vice versa.

Take some time. Reflect on how we got to this point. Reflect on the eventual victory. Reflect on the costs. Reflect on what mistakes we do not want to repeat as a franchise and as a host community.

But mostly enjoy. Beat the Clippers. Beat the Mavericks.

I hate the Mavericks.


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