Hornets beat Suns

Hornets play 22 minutes of good basketball, win game.

Really, that’s all it took.  The Hornets looked bad to start the game and didn’t kick it into gear until five minutes were left in the second.  They poured it on in through the third, carried it forward briefly in the fourth, and then tried desperately to give it away at the end.  The Suns, being as bad a team as the Hornets, couldn’t take advantage of the lapses.

Eric Gordon had a very good game going until the hero-ball section of the fourth quarter.  He was attacking, dropping the ball off for easy dunks, and generally wrecking the Suns defense all night.  Even more important – he took the responsibility of guarding Goran Dragic, the Suns best perimeter player, allowing Vasquez to guard PJ Tucker and Wes Johnson.  That worked out pretty well.  Of course, I almost forgot all about the good play of Gordon during that fourth quarter, when the Hornets iso’d him time and time again and he kept being stymied.  Run a play!!

Michael is probably weeping in frustration right now, as the Pistons won tonight, and the Hornets would have beeb tied with them for wins if they had just managed to lose this game.


  • Ryan Anderson continued to struggle from deep tonight, but he put in work around the rim, crashing the glass and finishing.
  • One of the Morris twins tried to go off and kill us tonight.  For this day forth, they will share the name Hornetsbane.
  • I think if you added the energy of all the Suns players together, you might just equal Luis Scola.
  • Anthony Davis continues to pour in points on the offensive end, snagging 20 points tonight on 10 shots.   In 31 minutes.  Yeah, his boards look weak, but he was battling.
  • Kendall Marshall knows how to play basketball.
  • Part of the reason the Hornets looked so good through the middle of the game?  Michael Beasley.  The Suns were so excited in their pregame talking about how he was playing so well and differently from before over the last 4 games.  His numbers?  15 points and 5 rebounds.  Sheesh.  Well, he “came back to earth” from that dizzying height tonight, going 1-11 and doing Michael Beasley type things and guaranteeing the Hornets win.  He’s a one-man tank.

Next game is Tuesday in Los Angeles.

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  1. Besides his health we could do a lot worse than Eric Gordon… Let’s just see who they bring in… he needs one or two options other than what we have… But it would have been nice were Jason Smith healthy…. Don’t we need better play at the center and small forward positions….

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