In the NO Podcast Episode 127: Gerry V, the tournament and turning over the Roster

Published: March 31, 2013

Gerry V joins Michael and I to talk about the team’s play over this last homestand, whether there will be more than just three or four hold-overs still on the roster next year, and if he’d prefer to get a lottery pick or a veteran. Then we talk about CP3 eviscerating Vasquez, Davis getting the better of Griffin, and drool over a Nugget wing or two.

Then, Michael talks about the players that changed his opinion of them over the NCAA tournament.

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Enjoy the Podcast!


  1. GerryV

    April 1, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    I have warned you for months about defense play,defending the lane and rim,toughness,pt guard lack of quicks and over all “length and quicks” and rotating defenders…My face turned BLUEi’ve stated it so many times…… lack of scoring……has it sunk in for some of you that keep plucking out stat after stat etc….the weakness is very clear.

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