LeBron Dominates Early, Heat Beat Down the Hornets

Published: March 29, 2013

If LeBron James and the Heat were feeling any negative effects after having their 27-game winning streak ended, they certainly didn’t show it. LeBron dominated whoever dared guard him, draining threes at will and single-handedly putting the game away in the first half.

It would have been a pleasure to watch LeBron do his thing had it not been against the Hornets. That said, it was miserable.

First Half

Missed Opportunity that Maybe Could Have Potentially Made a Difference: Early in the first Anthony Davis went up for a dunk after shaking Bosh out of his shoes. The SportsCenter logo was in his eyes, but he fumbled the ball going up on what should have been the slam of the night. This might not seem like a huge deal considering that the Hornets lost the half by 17, but it was likely their best chance to really get the crowd on their side. The Hornets had to win the energy battle to truly have a chance against an obviously more talented opponent.

LeBron’ed: LeBron nailed three three-pointers within 69 seconds in the closing minutes of the first. He wasn’t necessarily open on any of them, but that didn’t seem to bother him. I’m not sure how, or even if, you can guard those shots. He finished the first quarter with 15 points on only six shots. His first two attempts of the second quarter also appeared to be treys, although the second one was later ruled a two. No matter. He nailed his next shot, another three point attempt. Then, of course, he decided to hold up his fist to rile up all his fans. You know them– they’re the D-bags who have never lived in Miami, didn’t know Miami had a basketball team ten years ago, but now live and die with LeBron… while residing locally.

Oh, then he hit another bucket, bringing his running total to 17 minutes, 13 shots, and 28 points. Yikes. I hate to say it, but that was all she wrote. Hornets were down 20 at this point, and it never really got much better.

Mike Miller threw down a smash later on. Does that make you feel any better? No?

Bright spot: Brian Roberts finished the first half with a nice coast-to-coast floater to cut the deficit to 17.

Second Half

That Was the Start the Hornets Needed: Guess who was terrible early in the third quarter? Yup, you’re right. Us. Through the first six minutes of the third quarter the Hornets scored exactly two points. The Heat weren’t exactly lighting it up themselves, but the lead was 25 with just 18 minutes to go in the contest.

Bright Spot: Aminu had a nice breakaway slam with less than a minute to go in the third, cutting the lead to 21. After the Heat scored a quick bucket, Anderson nailed his second three of the game to cut the lead to just 20. Yay?

Then LeBron hit another three…

Annnnnnnnd that’s all that’s worth mentioning about the game.

As for the Heat “fans” in the building that are from New Orleans– Ew. Just ew.


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