Los Angeles is Burning?

Published: March 27, 2013

The flames are stunning
The camera’s running
So take warning
When the hills of Los Angeles are burning
Palm trees are candles in the murder wind
So many lives are on the breeze
Even the stars are ill at ease
And Los Angeles is burning

— Bad Religion, Los Angeles is Burning

Jake‘s got the pre-game today, which will be up at noon, but here’s some pre-pre-game stuff to chew on before that. Pure fluff, but fun.

Jake’s pre-game is good, much better than this. I read it. I highly recommend it if you have the means.

  • The series with the Clippers is split 1-1, both games having been played in LA. The next two are in town: tonight and Friday, April 12th.
  • The Clippers have not beaten a Western Conference team since February 23, 2013 . . . over a month ago!
  • The Clippers lost in overtime in Dallas last night, dropping them to 5-5 in their last 10, with all losses to Western Conference teams.
  • The Hornets last 3-game win streak became a 4-game win streak. That’s 100% of the time (so far).
  • Nearly all of the above is completely useless, but I sure am grinning.
  • This `job’ is waaay more fun when the team is winning.

Don’t forget to check out Mason‘s Power Rankings.

And look for fun on twitter . . . we’re going to get as much out of these wins as we can. Oh, and free tickets.

Win or lose, our time will come.

Carry on.

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