Hornets lose lead at end. Again.

Published: March 17, 2013

For the last non-hail-mary possessions of the game, the Hornets went Gordon Iso.  Because, you know, that’s worked all year.  Well, it worked in one game.  So let’s keep doing it!

For the entire season, Michael and I have complained on the podcast about Iso ball at the end of the game.  We got iso ball at the end of the game.  We’ve moaned and groaned about Lopez and Vasquez as a defensive tandem.  The Wolves ran four straight plays at either Vasquez, Lopez, or Vasquez and Lopez to end the game.  Oh, and other than a quick Iso-attack by Derrick Williams that was rebounded by Pekovic – all of them worked.  Hey, wait, another Iso that failed, and plays that work!  I hope next year, when this team will hopefully look very different, Monty shows more imagination at the end of games.  Like he does through the middle of the game.


Lottery balls for the win.


  • The Hornets were crushing it on the glass tonight, taking advantage of an serious weakness of this Wolves squad – particularly when Pekovic was out.  Lopez had eight offensive rebounds and the rest of the team added another twelve for a blistering offensive rebound rate of 43%.  If you do that and add a modicum of defense and ball control, you should win going away.
  • Unfortunately, Defense was in short supply for the Hornets as it has been all season.  They allowed 27 free throws and 56% shooting from the floor for a team that doesn’t shoot well at all, and over their last 10 games has been terrible at drawing free throws.
  •  I’d whine about the 18 turnovers, but the Wolves were kind enough to match that number.
  • Anyone disagree with the fact that Anthony Davis was once again the best player out there?  Maybe we should run a pick and roll with him to close the game?  Anyone?  Is that crickets?  17 points on 13 shots, 9 rebounds, 2 assists 3 steals and a block.  Kid is going to be a monster.
  • Ryan Anderson  has had a rough week.  I hope that Virus goes away soon.
  • Eric Gordon had six shots in 26 minutes.  Yeah, he had foul trouble, but he’s there to be an offensive threat.  I guess it was a little offensive, now that I think about it.

The good news is it was a tight game, came down the wire, we got to see Davis continue to play well and the Hornets still lost at the end.  And it was a loss to the Wolves, which puts one more win in the bank for a team that will be battling for lottery balls later.  That’s always good.

Game tomorrow night against Golden State!


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