Eric Gordon Trade Watch: Negotiating a Deal with Milwaukee

Published: February 18, 2013

Today ESPN posted an insider article saying Milwaukee would be a good destination for Eric Gordon. I don’t know if Mr. Gordon would agree, and seeing that he has trade veto power this year that kind of matters, but let’s assume for this piece that he is willing to leave us for Milwaukee. I emailed old friend Jeremy Schmidt from, who has joined us on the podcast in the past, to see if we could work out a deal. The following was the emails we exchanged:

Michael McNamara

Hey Jeremy,


Long time no speak. I remember last time you came on the podcast we talked about what it would take to pry your talented, but dissatisfied guard away from Milwaukee. Oh how times have changed. Now it looks like the Hornets are at least listening to offers for Eric Gordon and Milwaukee might be interested.I think it would be a good move for your organization to show your fans and Brandon Jennings that you are interested in winning big long term. Gordon is, without question, a better scorer and defender than Mona Ellis when healthy and would provide a better backcourt mate next to Jennings.


Of course there is injury risk, but the slight risk is worth the big time reward if Gordon can stay injury free.With that said, there are some pieces I love on your roster, so here is our offer. The Bucks receive Eric Gordon and Xavier Henry, who is a young player on an expiring contract, for Monta Ellis, Larry Sanders, Tobias Harris, and your 2013 1st round pick. How does that sound to you?

Writer’s Note: I am obviously asking for far too much in this proposal and I have also conveniently not mentioned my true target- Brandon Jennings. I’m hoping that he comes back at me with a couple of these pieces and I can act like he is lowballing me, then slowly change the target to Jennings instead of Ellis. I have also drastically undersold what I really think of Gordon’s injury risk, selling the idea that the Bucks can be contenders if Gordon can stay injury free. Yeah, and I could be a superhero if I only knew how to fly.

Jeremy Schmidt

The Bucks giving up Larry Sanders and a first round pick AND Tobias Harris seems like an awful lot to stomach for a player with a pretty spotty history as a franchise guy. I think Bucks fans, and probably the front office at this point, would be plenty willing to include Jennings in talks if it meant getting someone with Gordon’s potential in return.


Make an offer built around Jennings and I’d be curious, were I the kind of person who could make a decision. Obviously I’m intrigued with moving Ellis, but I think the assets the Bucks have to surrender paired with Ellis are far greater than the ones they have to surrender paired with Jennings. Let me know if I’m right.

Writer’s Note: Whoa! That was quick. He is already talking about Brandon Jennings instead. Did I use a Jedi mind trick or do Bucks fans and writers want Jennings gone as badly as I want Gordon outta here? Only one way to find out- offer a Jennings deal that there is no way he will take. Here goes.

Michael McNamara

Okay, I will give you two offers then and let you decide which course is better for your franchise, if any.


Offer #1 gives you Eric Gordon for Brandon Jennings, Sam Dalembert, and Tobias Harris. You get a guard locked in for at least two more years after this one so you can do away with the Jennings drama and you can still be competitive this year while seeing if Gordon and Ellis can work together. If not, then Ellis can go in the offseason and maybe you can find another guard to compliment him better.


Offer #2 is probably the lowest I can go on a Gordon for Ellis swap. We do Gordon for Ellis and you pick 2 out the following three: John Henson, Tobias Harris, your 2013 1st round pick Top-10 protected.

You like either of those? If not, do you have a counter offer?
Writer’s Note: I am not very comfortable with how little I would get back in the Gordon for Ellis swap. Don’t get me wrong, I would love that pick, but I don’t know how much use I would have for Henson and Harris is a solid backup on a great team long term. I hope he takes the Jennings one.

Jeremy Schmidt

I would accept the first deal with a straight face until the documents were signed, the players physicals complete and Gordon had safely arrived at the Cousins Center. Then I would laugh maniacally and spray champagne at everyone that happened to be in my zip code at the time.

The second one I’m not crazy about.
Writer’s Note: Wait, what happened here? Did he play me all along? Is he that desperate to get rid of Jennings that he would rather unload him than Monta Freaking Ellis? I don’t get it. But you know what, I don’t have to. I got the guy I wanted and unloaded Gordon’s $58 million deal. I’ll take some champagne myself.


So at the end of the day I swapped one unhappy guard for another, but the guard I got makes far less money as of right now and has played in every one of his teams’ games three out of the four years he has been in the league. I also got a very young SF to try and develop in Tobias Harris and a center in Samuel Dalembert that I can either look to move right away or who can hold me over if I decide to shop Robin Lopez.

In fact, I know have two great trade pieces in Lopez and Vasquez that I can deal before the deadline if the right deal presents itself. Or I can hold onto Vasquez as insurance in case Jennings signs an offer sheet that is too rich for my blood this summer. I also have opened up some extra cap room this summer, as Jennings will only have a $8 million dollar cap hold, giving me the ability to do some things before I re-sign him or match an offer sheet.

Overall, I am happy with how this deal worked out. What do you think?

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