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Published: February 13, 2013

Two readers submitted articles about the rebrand to Pelicans. Enjoy.


My whole life I have always been a huge fan of every team of my home state of Louisiana. The truth is, no matter the situation New Orleans is judged negatively. I remember the day Katrina hit New Orleans. Everyone said it was the second great flood sent by God to cleanse the world of the evils in New Orleans, like he did once with Noah and the ark. I remember the years where our proud football fans in Louisiana were constantly insulted by the team America called “The Ain’ts”. I remember when were insulted my NBA fans, players, and coaches saying we couldn’t handle having the NBA All star game in New Orleans.

Constantly we are insulted for being from the city by people who literally know nothing about New Orleans. Why would the situation with “The Pelicans” be any different? Look at the national media. Ever since the idea of this name came out they made us a joke. No matter the significance of the name to our city, they don’t care; they just care about the amount of retweets they get for trying to be funny. If you even listen to a second of ESPN speaking of their reasons for hating the name you realize they have no true opinions, no evidence, nothing that would hold up in a true argument. I’m serious, just go watch any video. And after thinking everything through, how could I expect any different?

The name will be hated on until we give them a reason not to hate it. The people of New Orleans have always overcome any obstacle and that is why this city has some of the most compassionate, caring, and strong people in the world. You don’t here “the Ain’ts” being thrown around anymore do you? WE can overcome all obstacles.

Although it’s not as serious as Katrina, The troubles with the name change recently are just another obstacle to come together as a team and as a city. If we support this team no matter what, good things will come. We have seen it before with the Saints, and we are looking at the same situation here!



It should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen my posts before that I am not a fan of the rebrand from the New Orleans Hornets to the Pelicans. I thought I would share some of the reason why.

The pelicans themselves – I’ve heard them described as an awesome, noble, intelligent, and fearsome bird. They are not. The pelican is nothing more than a dirty, mindless, cannibalistic killing machine that will eat anything and everything it can, including other birds and small animals. There is nothing noble, proud or awesome about it. They haven’t evolved in over 30 million years and have been on the extinction list several times.

People in New Orleans identify with pelicans – I’ve heard this but no one has been able to explain it to me other than it’s the state bird. So I ask people around the city about how they identify the pelican with themselves and the city and if they mean anything to them which usually get the response of a blank stare, shrug of the shoulders, and the comment of they don’t and it’s on the state flag. Nobody identifies with the bird any more than they identify with any other bird or animal around here.

Pelicans are indigenous to the region – Yeah ok they are, but they are also indigenous to the majority of coastlines all over the world. If you can find them everywhere that doesn’t exactly scream New Orleans now does it?

They survived the oil spill and Katrina just like New Orleans – I am happy that they did, but do we really want to have a symbol to keep reminding us of two of the worst disasters in US History? Especially one that is suppose to help promote tourism and the city’s image for years to come?

The national media thinks the name and the people here are a joke but who cares what they think? – Well, we all should. What the national media says about us as a whole reflects the image that people all over the country and world view us in which is just bad for the city and region. They already think that we are a dirty mindless backwards city whose citizens are killing each other off so what do we do? We give them perfect symbol that cements that view as truth, the Pelican, a dirty mindless backward killing machine to represent our city. On second thought, maybe it is a perfect fit.

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