Scouting the NBA: Week Fifteen — Hornets Home For Suns Then Back On Road

By February the 11th the New Orleans Hornets will have played 8 of their last 9 games on the road. For a young team this is the signs of growing, development and all around perseverance. If the last two games were any indication it was that this team was tired and in need of rest. Before the Suns game they will of had 3 days of re-cooperation.

Game 49: Wednesday 6th vs. Phoenix Suns — Fox Sports New Orleans, 7pm CST

Tweet for the Game: Chris Broussard

We all remember this right… Seems a while ago that Gordon told Broussard that. Since that time I have unfollowed Broussard and have learned to remain patient with Eric Gordon.

A note about this tweet: Broussard passed off knowledge from another media source as if it was his own. Not one of his better moments. Still worth mentioning that he did get to the bottom of a number of key pieces over the off-season.

The Suns game will be one in which we hope Gordon wrecks havoc on his opponent. He’s complaining about back-pain which is concerning. Let’s hope he’s healthy for the road-trip, not something many of us expect.

Who Can Be Trusted? — Anthony Davis

Since returning from his injury, Anthony Davis has steadily improved his play. Rohan Cruyff from At The Hive points out that, “Davis’ PER has been climbing since combing off what appeared to be a rookie wall/lull/abeyance thing in late December.”

For Hornets fans this is great news, for Monty Williams it’s hopefully a sign to play him more in the fourth quarter which he did not by his own attrition against Denver and Minnesota.

With a few days rest perhaps the rookie can continue his run of good form.

Prediction: Hornets by 11

Game 50: Friday 8th @ Atlanta Hawks — Fox Sports New Orleans, 6.30pm CST

Tweet for the Game: Alex Kennedy

Josh Smith is probably going to be traded prior to this years NBA trade deadline. The Suns have been heavily rumored for a while, the Rockets still have some pieces they can move and the Bobcats are… well, who knows?

Who can be trusted? — Eric Gordon

It’s been a while since Gordon has had a good game. While I thought he might last week I fully expect this week to be it. He’s been thoroughly rested and he’s running out of excuses to get back into game shape.

Prediction: Hawks by 13

Game 51: Sunday 10th @ Toronto Raptors — Fox Sports New Orleans, 5pm CST

Tweet for the Game: Ryan Wolstat

Since being traded to the Toronto Raptors, forward Rudy Gay has averaged 24.5 points and shot 36 percent from three. Oh what’s that? He’s only played 2 games so far? “Bah!” <– Raptor fans.

Who can be trusted? — Robin Lopez

It’s weird seeing Aaron Gray in anything other than a Hornets uniform.

Okay so maybe it isn’t. But since going to the Raptors Gray has actually received quite  substantial role, not an indication of a strong program developing centers. Either way I would say that Lopez will have a good offensive night. On the other end expect him to suck at rebounding as per usual. Hopefully he gets a body of the “sweet-hockey-body” that is Aaron Gray.

Prediction: Hornets by 1

Game 52: Monday 11th @ Detroit Pistons — No TV Local TV Coverage (Check WWL 105.3 Radio), 6.30pm CST

Tweet for the Game:  Adrian Wojnarowski

Not much has been going on in the Pistons world. Andre Drummond turned out to be better than expected. They made a trade that would free up future cap space. They’re not that good a basketball team.

They are however better than us with 18 wins (to our 15). This should be a competitive game.

Who can be trusted? — No one

I’m not sure what the plan is for Hornets on back-to-back’s, but they suck. They have no energy, passion or zing. It’s like a rice cracker that’s been sitting in the cupboard for 3 weeks. It’s lifeless, knows it, but can’t do much to change it.

Monty Williams defensive scheme breaks down because it’s based on ball-rotations which requires a lot of energy. This is why you’ve seen a lot of 2-3 zone because people don’t have to do as much and forces the outside shot quicker. The better teams figure this out with ease. The more deficient ones take a little time.

Regardless I don’t see New Orleans having a very fun time in MoTown.

Prediction: Pistons by 13

Game Day Notes

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  1. It is very disappointing to have “no local TV coverage” for any road game. I can understand skipping some home games to encourage attendance, but denying the fans free access to road games seems counterproductive. As a season ticket holder, I feel ripped off. Paying for League Pass or using an illegal download are very unattractive options…..

    When the season started, I thought I heard that FSNO was going to cover all the games. That hasn’t happened. Has anyone heard an explanation, other than trying to save a few bucks and avoid spending time in Detroit?

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