Game On: Hornets @ 76ers

Published: January 15, 2013

The Hornets look to start another winning streak tonight against the 76ers. The last time these two played was a game most Hornets’ fans would like to forget. So we will! Optimism, the future, tonight’s game! Let’s look forward and jump right into it.

3 Things to Watch For

Let’s Gamble

It’s a battle of strength vs. weakness. The 76ers do an excellent job of holding onto the ball, turning it over 12.3% of the time. The Hornets, however, are not good at causing turnovers. Expect the Hornets to gamble on defense by trying to jump some passes and double team frequently. And if it’s successful, more transition points (hopefully)! If I’m Monty tonight I break out a zone defense on a couple of possession and let Aminu and Davis, with their long arms, cause some trouble.

Keep Them Off the Line

It’s another strength vs. weakness except it’s in the Hornets favor this time. The 76ers have attempted the second lowest amount of free throws so far this season. Meanwhile the Hornets only commit a shooting foul 6.1% of the time. The Hornets need to pick their spots to go for a steal and avoid giving the 76ers free points.

The Defensive Glass

Philly is not a high scoring team ranking 27th in points per game and 28th in offensive efficiency. Not surprisingly they are a terrible offensive rebounding team. The Hornets need to crash the defensive glass and prevent second chance points. Force the 76ers to create looks rather than gifting them easy put backs and the Hornets should be able to get a win.

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