Winners and Weirdos from a Pelicans Design Contest

Published: January 14, 2013
Pelicans Contest Winner

99designs recently ran a very cool contest – design an NBA-style logo for the soon-to-be Pelicans. The “fastest growing design firm in the world” has some street cred as they’ve been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and more. We’ve been trading Pelicans logos like pogs around here in the Hornets247 offices so much that this contest almost escaped us. Aside from a thread or two on HornetsReport, we haven’t shown much love. Until now! Allow yours truly, the President of Pelican Nation, to show you some of the coolest submissions to the 99designs contest.

First up is the winning effort from designer Tin Bačić (his 99designs profile pagepersonal website) of Zagreb, Croatia. He took home $500 and he gets top placement in this here blog post. Oh, and 99designs is also taking measures to make sure the team and the league gets their eyes on the image above this article.

Here’s some more fun (and weird) ones for your eyeballs. Some are cool like “hey, a Pelican and a basketball and a fleur-de-lis all together!” while others are like “wait, why is that Pelican crammed inside of that basketball? Is he okay?!”



Take in the entire contest right here at 99designs. Follow Chris Trew on Twitter here.


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