In the NO Podcast Episode 111: Is the Win Streak sustainable?

The Hornets have a three game winning streak, and Ryan and Michael talk about whether it is entirely Eric Gordon that is spurring this run. Then we talk advanced stats, having Lopez and Vasquez around the carry the scoring load, marvel at Aminu’s good and bad qualities, talk most successful Hornets lineups, recap Spurs-Houston, and then preview Wolves-Knicks.

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10 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 111: Is the Win Streak sustainable?”

  1. NBA had a video in which they picked the “top 5 shooters” in the league. They named Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Steve Novak, Steph Curry, and Dirk —not even a mention of Ryan Anderson. Just made me laugh

  2. Houston knew that they were going to play a long-distance back-to-back and thus should have known to pace themselves in L.A. Or… they thought they could beat us anyway.

  3. They don’t have free throws in here, but @ Basketball Reference, you can break down field goals by quarter per year. Here is Lopez’s field goal made breakdown.

    1st: 76
    2nd: 29
    3rd: 43
    4th: 26

    It also lists 3 pointers, but obviously, Lopez isn’t taking those. So Lopez is hitting 43.68% of his field goals in the first quarter.

    *Lopez is 0/4 in OT

    • Thank you for this- great job. Did they have free throws too?

      Either way, it looks like about 70% of his offense comes in the 1st and 3rd. Nice

      • Are you asking what % of his total minutes occur in each quarter? I don’t believe Basketball Reference has a stat for that. Are we trying to gauge his rates of scoring per quarter, or just asking what percent of his total offense occurs in each? I thought the latter, but you’re right, taking his numbers at face value without factoring in his minutes distribution seems like it’d skew the data

      • Yes. Stated another way: which does the scoring output by quarter reflect more, the effort-ability-obstacles related to scoring in each quarter or the amount of time allowed to try to score. Since scoring and time-played both never decrease as the game progresses, there is a natural correlation between them in many cases. Since playing time is necessary for scoring, but not the other way around, it is a necessary condition and has to be controlled for. Thus, some things that try to measure the former actually end up measuring the latter.

      • Right. I should’ve actually included the FGA numbers, because it was the observation that we go to Lopez early that prompted the stat lookup. Wish I could find his field goal rate per minute per quarter, but I don’t know any database that does that or that does all of the individual components.

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