Scouting the NBA: Week Eight — A Merry Eric Gordon Christmas

Published: December 18, 2012

It’s Christmas Time folks! So get excited because Eric Gordon is returning to New Orleans!

Okay perhaps you’re not as excited as you could be, but still it has to be good news. This week the Hornets will go on a road trip that will see them play former team-mates Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry in Oakland, Chris Paul in Los Angeles, head to San Antonio and then return home to play David West and Indiana.

Game Twenty-Four: Tuesday 18th @Golden State Warriors — Fox Sports New Orleans, 9.30pm CST

  • Best Matchup for Golden State: Stephen Curry & Jarrett Jack vs. Greivis Vasquez & Brian Roberts

This is the NBA, and in it are premier point-guards every single night. Often Vasquez will be over-matched defensively but still manage to put up stellar offensive numbers (if you don’t count turnovers — which there seems to be a lot of people neglecting these). Regardless of what we want Vasquez and Roberts are our lead guards and they do a servicable job. While defensively they couldn’t stop a baby from scoring on offense they know how to get their own shot. Tonight I expect more of the same as Curry and Jack have good nights but Vasquez and Roberts continue to put up some solid numbers.

  • Best Matchup for New Orleans: Robin Lopez vs. Festus Ezeli/Andrei Biedrins

I think Lopez can have a solid night if Ezeli and Biedrins are on the court, but they won’t be for an extended period of time. It would look probable that David Lee is the player seeing most of the time at centre. If that’s the case I hope Robin can continue his strong form.

  • Prediction: Warriors by 9

It’s not going to be a blowout because the Hornets I feel like are gelling a little bit. Hopefully they can keep pace with the Warriors who are strong Western Conference contenders at 16-8.

Game Twenty-Five: Wednesday 18th @ Los Angeles Clipppers — Fox Sports New Orleans, 9.30pm CST

  • Best Matchup for Los Angeles: Caron Butler vs. (INSERT RESPECTABLE SMALL-FORWARD)

Oh Jessssus *Bill Burr Voice*… The Hornets are going to be in a for a long one. I think Monty Williams has made is very clear that they’ll be in the market for a small-forward next summer because Al-Farouq Aminu has essentially played himself off the roster. He still has time to rectify it but I don’t think it’s long. Caron Butler isn’t as dynamic as he used to be, but last time we played the Clippers he had a huge game. Expect him to repeat.

  • Best Matchup for New Orleans: Anthony Davis & Ryan Anderson vs. Blake Griffin & Fatty Lamar Odom

Seriously, how fat is Lamar Odom?! To think that we could of received him in a trade is laughable. Blake Griffin had his worst game of his career against us and I’d love for that to continue. With Jason Smith out I don’t expect that to be repeated. Regardless I think Davis and Anderson will have big games against the Clippers.

  • Prediction: Clippers by 7

I think that Los Angeles will remember how we laid the smack down on ’em last time, so I think they’ll try and come out and give some back to us. While we’re finding our groove I think the Clippers come away with it here.

Game Twenty-Six: Friday 21st @ San Antonio Spurs — Fox Sports New Orleans, 7.30pm CST

  • Best  Most Exciting Matchup for Spurs: Patty Mills vs. Brian Roberts

Seriously how is this not the best matchup? Two guys that are labelled as small, but can score in bunches. I know it’s not the Spurs best matchup, but it’s an exciting one. I’m Australian, so any time I get to see Patty take on my favourite NBA team I get excited. I really would love to get Mills here in the future so make him a Player of Interest.

  • Best Matchup for Hornets: Robin Lopez vs. Borris Diaw

As like the matchup in the Warriors game I think Lopez can outplay a smaller Diaw. If Duncan has Lopez that leaves Anderson or Davis on a better matchup for themselves. By virtue Lopez is creating the mismatch so he gets the gold-star.

  • Prediction: Spurs by 17

It’s the end of the road, but the Hornets will be tired. If San Antonio can have a good 2nd quarter (it’s our worst quarter on the road I believe) then I would expect them to win big.

Game Twenty-Seven: Saturday 22nd vs. Indiana Pacers — Fox Sports New Orleans, 7pm CST

  • Best Matchup for Indiana: David West vs. Anthony Davis

With the return of our beloved son to the place he became an NBA All-Star I think West would want to put on a show. Recently David has been playing very well carrying the offensive load vacated by Danny Granger. He’s return to New Orleans, he’s returned to form.

  • Best Matchup for New Orleans: Greivis Vasquez vs. George Hill

If Vasquez can limit George Hill, who hasn’t been playing well the last couple of weeks, then I think he can produce solidly in this one. Many scouts rate Hill as a premier defender, but he hasn’t been playing like it this year. This could be one of those games that deludes some fans into thinking Vasquez is the long-term answer at point-guard.

  • Prediction: Hornets by 2

I think that we ruin David West’s return and that Monty Williams puts together an excellent game-plan to stop him. This will be our only win of the week, not that we’ve had one recently anyway.

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