Game On: Lakers @ Hornets

Published: December 5, 2012

I have no idea how the rest of the Hornets247 crew let me preview and recap this game given that I’m originally from Los Angeles and still have lots of Laker love in my heart. But don’t worry, I have tons of Hornets (Pelicans?) love as well! And in an effort to stay neutral, I’ll be wearing regular clothes to the game. I might be inviting trouble, but feel free to show me your best trash talk on twitter @nolajake.

As for the actual game, the Hornets are looking to make it two straight wins tonight. Let’s jump right into it…

3 Things to Watch For


Under Mike D’Antoni the Lakers are the second fastest team in the league. The Hornets on the other hand are dead last. To win, the Hornets need to keep this game close at all times (or just race out to a huge lead and never look back, but let’s be realistic) and prevent the Lakers from going scoring runs. To do that, the team needs to control the pace and stop the Lakers from getting out in transition.


With such a young team this has been a problem all season and it ties in with the point above. Turnovers gift the opposition a free possession. In a game that is actually winnable for the Hornets, they need to avoid empty trips on offense that lead to easy points for the Lakers. Rivers and Vasquez need to make good passes and not lose the ball when they drive; Lopez and Aminu need to do a better job of holding onto the ball in the paint.


The Hornets can’t be hesitant to attack while on offense. I like Darius Morris because he went to my high school, but he’s lucky to be getting significant NBA minutes. As a weak defender, Monty needs to have Vasquez run the pick and roll to create kickout opportunities and to attack the rim. I’ve watched most of the Lakers’ games this season and at times people look completely lost on defense. There will be lanes for cutters and slow defensive rotations. The Hornets need to take advantage of these defensive mistakes.


Lagniappe to Watch For

Kobe Bryant

Just 13 points points shy of becoming the 5th player ever to reach 30,000 for his career, don’t be shocked if Kobe goes off tonight. 50+ points isn’t out of the question. However, it’s worth noting that the Lakers are 1-7 when Kobe scores over 30 points. So maybe it’s a good thing?


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