Hornets Lose to Knicks as Davis Convalesces

Published: November 20, 2012

The New York Knicks irrecoverably stomped the New Orleans Hornets in the first and the third quarters.

Any hope of a win here withered as soon as Davis was told he would not be dressing for the game. There’s just too much salary and too much talent not dressed in creole blue to battle teams who are hot, and the Knicks are among the hottest.

Grayson, bless his Aussie heart, had a good deal of trouble coming up with a plus for the Hornets in this game. To his credit, so did the Hornets in their 102-80 loss.

Jake had some key points for the game.

Clamp down on Shooters. Well, the Knicks had a FG% above the NBA median for the season, but they were slightly lower than their aggregate total. Still, I’ll say this was not met. Carmelo Anthony started and stayed hot through the first.

Strong Rotations and Help Defense. This was done half right. Although the Knicks had only 20 points in the paint, they buried 14 of 36 attempted threes. That’s a high volume of threes. The Knicks still win comfortably if half those made threes are changed to made twos.

Defensive Rebounding. The Hornets picked up 31 DRebs compared to 13 Knicks ORebs, or just over 70%. While this is an improvement over the 64% Jake quoted from the loss to the Bucks, it’s not good enough. That puts the Hornets slightly below their typical number, which is below the NBA median this season, but it is quite high for the Knicks. On the other side of the court (since there are two defenses), the Knicks grabbed about 88% of available defensive rebounds, leaving 12% for the Hornets. These figures would represent extremes in the NBA if sustained.

Attendance. Under 14,000. This is expected for a mid-week game during a down time following a down year. Get used to it. At least it does not matter in the ways it used to matter.


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