Stat of the Week

Published: November 19, 2012
  • Average Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of the four Hornets frontcourt players (Davis, Anderson, Lopez, Smith): 21.1
  • Average PER of the four Hornets backcourt players (Vasquez, Rivers, Roberts, Mason): 11.15

  • To reference Mason’s Standards, 21.1 is smack dab between Great and Elite.
  • 15 is average.
  • 11.15 is between Poor and Bad.

To quote John Hollinger, the creator of PER, the replacement level of a backcourt player is between 10.5 and 11.0. “Replacement level” is a common term in sports analytics for the level of talent readily available to be picked up off the scrap heap. In NBA terms, it’s either a minimum contract guy at the end of the bench or some other team’s bench, a veteran off the free-agent scrap heap or a call-up from the D-League.


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