Fox Sports New Orleans on Charter and More

The new TV deal just entered new territory.

The new TV deal just expanded and now includes all distributors in Louisiana, according to Fox Sports. The channel is also available in many locations throught the South. Additionally, the games are available to be picked up by other Fox Sports Regional Sports Networks in many cases.

All are firsts.

FOX Sports New Orleans Further Increases TV Distribution for Hornets Games

Charter Communications and Other Local Providers Sign on to Carry Hornets Telecasts

Hornets Telecasts will be Available To Over 2.5 million TV Homes

Across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

FOX Sports announced today on the eve of the New Orleans Hornets’ regular-season opener that it has increased its TV distribution for the team’s local telecasts on the re-branded FOX Sports New Orleans regional sports network.

The October 31 opening night telecast against the San Antonio Spurs will now reach more than 2.5 million homes throughout Louisiana, Mississippi,and Alabama on the majority of the local video providers,including Cox Communications,Charter Communications, DirecTV,Dish Network,AT&T U-Verse, Suddenlink,Comcast,Fidelity Communications, LUS Fiber,CP-Tel,Reserve Telecommunications, Vision Communications,Eatel and TV Northeast.

The Hornets and FOX Sports earlier this year reached a long-term television rights agreement establishing FOX Sports New Orleans as new local television home of the Hornets. Prior to the agreement,Hornets telecasts were available to roughly 700,000 homes in Louisiana.

FOX Sports Southwest,FOX’s regional sports network currently serving Louisiana,will be re-branded as FOX Sports New Orleans throughout the Hornets TV territory on October 31 to coincide with the Hornets’ season opener. FOX Sports New Orleans will televise 75 regular-season Hornets games this season.


FOX Sports announced yesterday that Hornets games will be broadcast to over 2.5 million homes across the Gulf South beginning with tonight’s season opener against the San Antonio Spurs.

Hornets games will now be available with Cox Communications, Charter Communications, DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, Suddenlink, Comcast, Fidelity Communications, LUS Fiber, CP-Tel, Reserve Telecommunications, Vision Communications, Eatel and TV Northeast. Below are the channel numbers for Fox Sports New Orleans. If your cable distributor is not below, please check your local listings:

DirecTV: Channels 678 & 678-1 (HD)

U-Verse: Channels 758 & 1758

Dish Network: Channels will vary by game. Next three games will be as follows:

Wed., 10/31 vs. SAS – 440 (SD), 9575 (HD) Fri., 11/2 vs. UTA – 447 (SD), 9517 (HD) Sat., 11/3 at CHI – 448 (SD), 9518 (HD)

Charter (Northshore): 33, 810 (HD)

Cox (NOLA): 38, 1038 (HD)

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  1. I’ve had Directv for the last 3 years. Before that, I was able to watch all the Hornets games on CST. I’m so glad they finally got a deal done. More people that see the team play leads to more fans of the team. People have to be able to see your product before they decide if they like it and are willing to invest in it. That’s marketing 101

    • New Orleans is a pretty bum sports town if a team needs to be on TV as well as the radio where fans can HEAR them do well or not for a fan to decide if they want to “invest” $7 to go have fun on a Wednesday night.

      • I think he’s talking about the outlying areas. Clearly, the people here are invest.

        Try googlemaps.

      • Yeah i agree thats weak man. If they want more hornets fans,they have got to expand their signal beyond Louisana & Miss. I live in NC and been a Hornets fan since they played in Charlotte. Do you live in that area?

      • It’s called a local tv deal.

        Who else has such a large range and passes so many other markets.

        In NC, get League Pass. Easy.

  2. Man was this a pleasant surprise. I was convinced Charter and FSNO would somehow not get it done for tomorrow based on the CST situation. Fortunately, I’m going tomorrow anyway but it’s good that it’s done now.

  3. Does anyone know what channel it will be showing on charter..I think we use to have fox sports southwest but now it’s fox sports houston

  4. If anyone could tell me the exact channel number on Charter for the Northshore, that would be awesome. Been searching this guide for 30 minutes to no avail.

  5. The game hasn’t started and I already miss Bob and Gill. David Wesley is acting all nervous and stuttering constantly. But glad the season is starting. Go Hornets!!

  6. Does anyone know the channel we need to turn too when we cannot go to the game for Charter on the Northshore in Mandeville

  7. AT&T U-verse only carries FSNO on an alternate channel (758, 1758 HD) only when there’s a hornets game and not as a full time channel. But yet it carries FSSW Dallas (753, 1753), Houston (755, 1755), and San Antonio (756, 1756) markets as full time channels. Will they eventually move it to a full time 24/7 channel?

    • That took years. My guess is yes, but not tomorrow. With the path to such a thing known, it may be quicker than the others.

      • Hopefully it is soon. I’m in Metairie so I thought it would’ve swapped out w/ FS Houston since FSSW dropped FS Houston.


  8. Directv is not broadcasting the channel in the Gulfport/Biloxi area. 678 is on the channel guide but when called they claim it is a Nola area channel only. What’s up?

    • Ok.

      Give me your zip code.

      Also, which channels do you see any Fox Sports on AND which Fox Sports are they. Let me know if those you see on the guide, etc. are blacked out or `on’.

      I know it’s alot, but I want to be fully armed when I go forward. I’ll be talking to a few people to find out if this is some error or if it’s just a sad fact.


      • The 600 channels in DTV have several FS stations. For example FSSW, FSOHD, etc. Some are on without the sports pack add on and some require it. for example, right now FSOHD is on and is broadcasting the Tenn/Troy Game on 646. The DTV sports package provides all FS stations around the country, but FSNO is not even listed as being a FS channel on the website section for this sport pkg. Zip is 39571, but I am aware that it is not working in Gulfport and Biloxi, 39530. Not sure about Hancock county as they have different programing than Harrison and Jackson counties. Again, the 678 FSNO appears on the channel guide on the tv, but there is no programming just the Directv logo. Thanks

  9. What happens on my fox sports sw channel is right before the game starts the loso changes to fsno. I live in shreveport and have suddenlink btw.

  10. The last 3 games have been on the NBA Season Ticket free trial they give everyone for the first 2 weeks of the NBA season, but when that time ends Dish told me the Hornets games on Fox Sports New Orleans will end too. Dish Network has no current channel location for Fox Sports New Orleans in the New Orleans metro area zip codes, as Fox Sports Southwest has remained on channel 416. I understood that on Oct 31 that the sister station of Fox Sports Southwest, would become Fox New Orleans and that the New Orleans zip codes would be given Fox New Orleans on channel 416. This has not happened.

    Will the Hornets work out a deal with Dish Network, so that they replace Fox Sports Southwest, and give us New Orleans area Hornet fans, a channel for Fox Sports New Orleans?

    • I think the person you talked to was incorrect.

      You are thinking that FSSW looks like FSNO for a little while, then turns back into FSSW, probably because it was FSSW on that channel for so long and that it spends so much time as FSSW.

      However, it is FSNO. It borrows content from other FS networks. The other night, they played stuff from Fox Sports Soccer. Whatever.

      Dish has not apparently settled on a place to put the station because of bandwidth issues, but they have a contract, I’m told, and you will see the games. It will just be a little more work.

      Let me know if that’s not the case.

      • Do you even have Dish Network?

        Well I can tell you from watching Dish Network channel 416 that it is Fox Sports Southwest is being broadcasted on that channel, NOT Fox Sports New Orleans. The game on channel 416 last Wednesday night for example was the Dallas Mavs game, not the Hornets game. Dish Network is only carrying the Hornet games on the NBA league pass channels, with all 3 games they played thus far on different NBA league pass channel numbers. On Fox Sports New Orleans they had an advertisement the other night, that says that a replay of the Hornets games on game night can be seen at 12 midnight, but it can not be found on channel 416 or the NBA league pass channel that carried the Hornets game live that night. Tom Benson needs to pay Dish Network the money to create a channel number for Fox Sports New Orleans, like he must have done with channel 678 on Direct TV, or either have them remove Fox Sports Southwest and replace it with Fox Sports New Orleans for homes in our regional zip codes. The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) on channel 416 here in New Orleans has programs for Fox Sports Southwest , not Fox New Orleans. The program guide has the Dallas Mavs games listed, not the Hornets. People here in our New Orleans area does not even know when the next Hornets game is, because Dallas Mavs games are being listed on channel 416.

        Like I told you before, everyone in America is now getting the NBA league pass with their 2 week free trial. After it is over, they will block the channels we are getting our Hornet games on, and we will be without the Hornet games on Dish Network.

      • I clearly stated that Dish was operating differently and am making general statements about why this is happening differently for different people.

        We will see about Dish dropping them after two weeks. Press releases from the team and FSNO indicate otherwise, but they don’t indicate how long the team will be shown on Dish. When you miss a game, let me know.

        It’s not about creating a channel for them using money. These carriers have limited bandwidth. And Benson isn’t paying them. They are paying Benson. I understand you have information. I understand that you are worried. I also understand that you are making patterns out of things that are not patterns, and you may be doing so with respect to this NBALP thing and future Hornets game. I know, you talked a first-line rep. I take what they say with a grain of salt.

        Also, you zip code please.

        I’m compiling some questions for people, and it’s best to know the carrier and zip of the affected people.

  11. Actually I spoke to advance tech support, not a normal CS rep who I agree have no knowledge of what they are talking about. They only read notes off of pieces of paper. Bandwidth is not a big problem whatsoever with Satellite TV companies, as they can very easily add a channel number to their guide, and put that channel on one of their very many transponders. They have added two new channels in the past 6 weeks with channel 212 Blaze TV and channel 215 Current TV. The thing I take with a grain of salt is the press release from the Hornets. They want to make it look like they are on every outlet, when in fact they might not be. They need to contact Dish Network now, and correct Dish Network’s way of covering their games, before Hornet fans who have Dish Network are in the black 10 days from now. It should not be a wait and see process for us Dish Network subscribers.

    I will be calling Dish tomorrow myself and try talking to the programing department if they allow me to reach them. The Hornets have a direct number to reach them, and need to do the same immediately before the free trial NBA league pass runs out.

    • If they added new channels, then there is less room.

      Actually, the Hornets aare hurt by appearing like they are on every outlet when they are not. They are most helped when people know where they are and where they are not. This puts pressure correctly upon those distributors among Hornets fans. I fail to see how the appearance of being `everywhere’ when they are not in beneficial at all.

      For me it’s wait and see, other than me taking this data and handing it to FSNO and the Hornets. What they do with it is on them, but your case will be placed squarely in the hands of someone who know what to do with it, if anything can be done.

      Tech support does not necessarily have the scoop on the business end of things.

      Kenny, I appreciate your comments here, and they are helpful. In the best case, which is all is actually well, but Dish is just taking some time to set things up, this is all useless. In worse cases, this info could make a difference.

      If you are able to use them, I’ll send you a pair of tickets to a game this week for your trouble . . . no need to worry about Dish then.

  12. I meant to say I spoke to the Customer Service supervision, not the advance tech support. I think the people in programming is the one that will know what Dish Network’s plans are in the future. I will try reaching them on Monday, when I can speak to American’s on the phone.

    I appreciate your ticket offer, but the chance of not getting Hornet games on TV for possibly weeks or months waiting on Dish Net to get some things together, might be avoided if contact is made now by the Hornets, rather than waiting on what happens in 10 days with Dish Net. Maybe something like an extention of the NBA league pass for whatever channel are to carry Hornet games, can be given to the certain the zip codes in the Hornets viewing areas, until Dish net gets there things together.

    • KennyC: I spoke to DISH customer service and saved the transcript. I posted the fact that FOX SPORTS NEW ORLEANS was not on DISH on October 31. Dish is still feeding FS SOUTHWEST. I wrote the TP because their article was an error too. DISH customers are not in the mix right now.

  13. If I am able to reach someone tomorrow in the Dish Net programming dept that knows what might be going on in their developement of Fox Sports New Orleans, I will post back the infomation I get from them.

  14. I talked w/ a Uverse rep and he said FSNO is not available. They show the game and then it goes of air. To me it doesn’t make sense to show FSSW from 3 other markets and not the one we live in. He claimed they’re “concerned team” is working on it. I guess we’ll see.

    • FOX SPORTS SOUTHWEST is hard to watch. Like I give a flip about the Dallas Stars or Cowboys—or Longhorns. Then, they blackout NBA games (the only worthwhile generic content) to our market. Goofy worthless feed. They should turn the space into another infomercial or pots and pans channel for all I care.

    • I’ve not gotten much clear info from readers.

      Working it. I hope to know more by Friday. Wednesday’s game is on ESPN.

  15. The Dish and DirecTV+MS questions are in the pipe. We’ll see what happens.

    Out of curiosity, as them if you get Fox Sports Houston.

    FSH does not exist. It became FSNO. It is the same feed on DirecTV in Louisiana (678) that FSH was on, and Charter didn’t even bother to update their guide.

    FSNO IS FSH from a technical perspective. They content changed, the logo changed, some on air personailities changed, as some of those are team employees.

    See what you get from that angle if the FSNO angle isn’t working.

  16. I am LOOKING at Channel 416 on Dish and the logo on the screen says Fox Sports Southwest. I am glad I get to see the Hornets games, but I want the channel full time. I’ll be patient for a bit, but it sounds like we were bamboozled.

    • Ron, the channel does not exist full-time. More programming will come online, but distributors handle this differently and that is causing confusion.

      Cox funnels FS content to 38. So they see stuff all the time, but 1 FS at a time.

      DirecTV has all the feeds separately. So, you can see all FSNO and more.

  17. Directv replied to my e-mail question and stated that the MS gulf coast zips are supposed to be getting. I got a generic reply that they’ve forwarded it to management for consideration. Not really helpful.

  18. Ive been told to get NBA LEAGUE PASS to get the hornets games if Im out of market. What if I cant afford it?? Oh well,I guess Im just shit outta luck. Maybe I should move to Louisiana. Oh nevermind, I cant afford it.

    • There is the broadband version.

      Going to a sports bar kind of place (some are all ages like Fox and Hound) is an option.

      There are audio options out there.

      Not everyone is going to get everything they want. Consider blind Hornets fans.

  19. Ok, here’s the deal.

    Mississippi: Hornets games will be on Fox Sports South or SportSouth, depending. They will pick up the FSNO feed, so you will see FSNO logo, broadcasters, etc. After the game, you’ll see your regular channel. FSNO people will see FSSW for the time being. This content sharing is part of what makes the FSNO deal so appealing. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to get FSNO to get some of the content, particularly Hornets games. Here are the markets that make up “Mississippi” for the purposes of this conversation: Biloxi+Gulfport, Jackson, Meridian, Hattiesburg, Mobile.

    Dish: Dish will carry every Hornets game that FSNO covers in the Hornets territory. They will be carried in their `alternate channels’, usually around 450. Wednesday’s game is on ESPN, but Friday’s game is on 450, per and likely your channel guide. The games will be on different channels each time, potentially, but they will all be on. You will see the FSNO broadcast, etc. This does NOT expire when the NBA League Pass Trial expires for those in the Hornets market per the terms of this deal.

    Those not in the markets, your best option is NBA League Pass. Contact your provider for details.

    If you are in the market and don’t know how to find games, let us know or contact your provider. If your providers doesn’t carry the games, complain, then inquire about changing providers.

    This is per a FSNO executive. I’m just reporting back the answers from your questions.

    Thanks for asking on behalf of everyone who this information is helping.

    • I was hoping your information about MS was correct, but the same issues occurred Friday night. The guide said the game was on both FSNO 678 and FS South 650 but at gametime both channels were blacked out. Again I believe there is huge miscommunication within Directv regarding these channels and the Hornets games. I received a phone call from Dtv’s resolution department as a follow up to my email inquiry. The representative told me that the info he received from his research is that Directv has FSNO but they don’t have the rights to broadcast Hornet games. I told him this makes no sense and that he was simply wrong as directv is broadcasting Hornet games in other areas such as NO. Was useless to argue with him because he could do nothing more. Good Grief this is frustrating. Is there a # to call at Hornets for help?

      • On another board, someone in Diamondhead got the game on a SportSouth Alternate on DirecTV.

        I’ll pull the info after the game. Stay on me about it.

        ETA: “Diamondhead, MS got the game last night on Sports South Alternate Channel 61. I hope the problem has been fixed. courtesy of

  20. Diamondhead and Hancock county get the N.O. feed on DTV. For example, they get wwl, wdsu, wvue, etc. Whereas Harrison County and east get different programming.

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