Chiba Ice Cream Sunday: 20121021

News from a slow week of Hornets preseason basketball.

As part of a busy weekend, I went to Chiba with some friends. As is the norm, they raved about it, especially the desserts. As is also the norm, Keith came over to say hey to us and expressed how he loves to see people enjoy the food and the atmosphere. As is more also the norm:

So, here’s the deal: Go into Chiba sometime this week and show this to the staff: “Jason said Keith will give me a free dessert.” Order at least an entree without using any other discount, and the table will get a free dessert.* Bingo-bango.

* That’s one dessert for the table, and you can’t use multiple discounts. The guy’s being cool. Be cool back. Also goes for October 1 through October 13. They are closed Sundays. So if that dessert looks good, go get it soon. Also, this is good for any dessert, including their bread pudding and their mochi.

The New Orleans Hornets lost the only game they played this week, and lost it pretty handily to the Atlanta Hawks. The Hornets got Davis back, but were without Smith . . . for a new reason: a shoulder strain. Eric Gordon has yet to long a preseason minute, but views this as only a minor setback, despite diminishing expectations that this trend will be bucked.

The Hornets have their final three preseason games this week. All three games are at 7 p.m. CDT (UTC -5). The team travels to Dallas to play the Mavericks (I hate the Mavericks) on Monday, return home to host the Rockets Wednesday, then they take their talents to South Beach (not really), to play the Heat. The first game is on a Dallas station, the second is on NBATV, and the last is on ESPN.

The Kings got a naming-rights deal for an Arena the owners, the Maloofs, have stated is substandard and for a team those same owners are continually trying to move. Newly-stable New Orleans Hornets: get you naming rights for your arena that has been judged as at least adequate and is getting significant improvements in the coming seasons.

This thread on Hornets Report has some good accounts and video from the Open Practice. Andrew caught the post-OP interview. Jim Eichenhofer has wrote about the event.

More Video:








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At the Hive summarizes the Basketball Prospectus take on the team. They also have three-fer of links to stories on Roberts, Gordon, and Monty.

Jimmy Smith has a fantastic piece up discussing how the Hive Mind has adjusted to the changing circumstances since they arrived, which was during the wait for never-materialized ownership transfer from Mr. Shinn to Mr. Chouest. They discuss how they work together, and how the team is looking to add another piece next summer to round out the team.

For with the qualifications, the team is looking to hire a sales representative.

Here at Hornets247, Mason starts a class on Advanced Stats.

The rebrand discussion was touched twice. One article gives a current state of the news and rumors. The second looks closely at what a particular rebrand might look like.

Also, the latest episode of In the N.O examines the first half of the preseason.

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