Chiba Ice Cream Sunday: 20121014

Bread Pudding Tempura

News from a week filled with preseason action.

New Orleans Hornets fans got a taste of just about everything but Eric Gordon this week. They won, they lost. All the non-Gordon players not on camp deals got play time, and the injury bug started digging its little bug teeth in. Smith missed time due to a back injury, while Davis had a groin issue. Neither issue is considered serious (Smith, and Henry; Davis).

The coming week brings a lone game, Thursday night at Atlanta. The game tips at 6:30 CDT (UTC -5). Neither team lists TV coverage, but you can catch the game on 105.3 FM in New Orleans or on your associated radio network affiliate. Gordon is not expected to play, but he may be ready for the last three preseason games, if in limited minutes.

The Hornets went 3-1 over the past week, losing only to Houston on the second game of a back-to-back with a minute played by Davis, Gordon, or Smith. This may sound encouraging, but these games were among teams that will have atrocious seasons. Atlanta will provide the best test thus far in preseason, not that preseason communicates much about team play.

Grantland and Wages of Wins both had previews for the season that are consistent with what some will consider to be pessimism. At The Hive spent some time showing that a +6 differential between offensive and defensive efficiencies is a target for the Hornets, or any team, looking to win a title.

Jake found that the corner three could be the key to unlocking an improved Hornets offense, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

In the latest episode of In the NO, Mike and Ryan discuss the Orlando game and what may limit the team this season, including Eric Gordon’s knee.

Changing scale to the player level, Hornets247 brought two more installments of What to Expect When You Are Expecting focusing on Alonzo Mourning and David Robinson.

Assorted other articles from At The Hive,, and the Hornets:

Aminu (there’s more, but the Aminu chatter is the most informative)









Dominique Morrison was released from his camp deal.

Off the court, the Hornets247 had a conversation with John Heidtke, Fox Sports New Orleans Senior Vice President and General Manager, and got the latest details on Fox Sports New Orleans, including launch and distribution information. Also, Arena improvements reported here seem to be on schedule.

Continue to enjoy a free dessert courtesy of Hornets247 at Chiba on Oak Street throughout the preseason. Details here. I was there Friday night and got the bread pudding tempura with blackberry sauce and creme fraiche. Dudes. Solid.

Bread Pudding Tempura
Bread Pudding Tempura with Blackberry Sauce and Creme Fraiche from Chiba

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