Game On: Hornets @ Bobcats

Published: October 11, 2012

The Hornets have their first ‘official’ road game tonight in Charlotte Charleston, South Carolina.

The game is not being televised (legally) in New Orleans but should be on WWL radio 105.3 FM. While not the same as watching the Hornets in high definition, I’m still excited to listen to the new radio team of Sean Kelley and John DeShazier. I’m also recapping the game tonight so it’ll be slightly different than normal (unless I magically watch the game somehow–which might happen) but there will still be some good info in there for you.

And if you’re interested in sharing insight during the game I’ll hang out in the comments and on twitter @nolajake for anyone who wants to talk basketball.

Anyway, let’s do this…

3 Things To Watch For


Can Robin Lopez keep it up?

After struggling in his first game against the Magic, Lopez turned it on in front of the home crowd. His final line was 18 points on 12 shots, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks, 1 turnover and 1 foul. But before we get too excited, I need to see some consistency–especially on offense.

Defensively, the Hornets will be fine with Davis anchoring the paint, but the Hornets will struggle scoring this season and that is where the team really needs a contribution from Lopez. I expect similar minutes to Tuesday’s game and if Lopez puts in a repeat performance then I’ll start to get (slightly) excited.

The 3-point Shot

Ryan Anderson and Darius Miller looked great the other night, but the rest of the team was 0 for 11 on the night. That’s not good. The Hornets have struggled with the deep ball under Monty Williams but if they can start hitting the deep ball just a little better expect the offense to improve significantly.

Zone Defense

Michael pointed this out the other night, and I’ve said it before as well, so I may as well reiterate it: the Hornets could have a brutal zone defense this season. Anthony Davis roamed a lot at Kentucky and a zone defense would allow him to do that with the Hornets. It’d also hid a few of the team’s defensive deficiencies at the guard position. It’s the preseason, why not try it for significant minutes?

Lagniappe To Watch For


Road Warriors

While it was called a ‘home’ game, he Hornets struggled at the start of the in Mexico. The Hornets have a few long road trips this season and it’s important that they get readjusted playing away from the Hive as quickly as possible. I doubt there will be a rambunctious crowd tonight in  Charlotte Charleston, South Carolina, so take advantage and build some roadmentum (I had to, I’m sorry!).

Your Pregame Song




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