Five Reasons to Jump on the New Orleans Hornets Bandwagon Right Now

Published: October 2, 2012

There are reasons to be optimistic this season about the New Orleans Hornets. These reasons are why we should see more fair weather fans declaring themselves Hornets “fans.”

People are already hitchin’ their wagons headin’ for New Orleans!

With the regular season approaching and our official announcement that it is indeed Hornets season already I thought we might try and convince those passive NBA fans to join Hornets nation right now!

I know what you are thinking Mr/Ms/Mrs. Dedicated Hornets Fan, “No, I don’t want them to support us — they are annoying.” I’m here to say that you need these fans.

Why might you ask? Well the answer is simple. Ever get frustrated when the Hornets get zero National TV coverage when they’re playing well? It’s because of these bandwagon fans. They haven’t hitched their wagon to our merry band and big-time networks will only cover something that garners more eyeballs.

So with that reasoning I’m here to rally everyone around the NBA to hitch their wagon early and partake in our glorious journey!

1. Anthony Davis will be one of the best to play the game

He hasn’t played a second in the NBA, but folks know that Davis’ talent is undeniable. His defensive impact will be electric and the color of the paint in the key will be a warning signal to any foe who dares enter it.

Davis is not just a great prospect and player right now, his brand appeal and youthful exuberance both on and off the court is something that everyone will like. What makes him even more appealing is his long-term potential. Many say he has the capabilities and package that Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett once had. Now, he’s not there yet, but he could be soon.

Rather than wait four years before declaring yourself an Anthony Davis fan, why not do it now and save yourself the trouble of looking like a fair-weather NBA fan?

2. The Austin Rivers/Doc Rivers rivalry

The trash talk, the awkward moment when the Hornets defeat the Celtics, the hug and congratulations at the end, it will be a moment you want to witness. If Michael McNamara really is a second coming of Nostradamus then Austin Rivers will be the second coming of Allen Iverson.

Not that I necessarily believe in Rivers as much as the mixtape makers of YouTube do. I think this could be a special story this season and perhaps beyond. Son versus Father, New versus Old, Ignorant versus Wise. It’s a battle that you must be intrigued with.

3. Young and Vibrant Roster

The Hornets had a busy off-season bringing in eight new players. People looking back at last season as an indication of the next one should be remiss in their assessments on the ball-club.

Hornets management has done an excellent job of finding value. Ryan Anderson might be the signing of the off-season. He played at an All-Star level last season and is only entering his fifth season.

Eric Gordon was signed for a maximum deal, but if he remains healthy is there any doubts he won’t be worth it? His scoring ability combined with his underrated defensive skills make him a very talented player. The next step in his career is becoming a leader and he can be for a young, boisterous and convivial roster.

That’s what makes this team so enjoyable is the flair and unknown factor. Sure there might be some ups and downs, but I’d rather watch this team than the Washington Wizards and ESPN should too.

4. Excellent Coaching Staff

Hey remember when Michael Jordan scored 43 points as a 40-year old? Well we have a coach that’s the same age as 40! Yeah! Wait… that doesn’t mean anything, right?

Ok, so maybe the link between Jordan and Monty Williams is pretty far distant these days but you have to say Williams is better at managing NBA players than Jordan. (*ZING*)

Williams is lauded around the league as one of the best up-and-coming coaches in the entire NBA. It wasn’t too long ago that Hornets fans were sad that we couldn’t get Tom Thibodeau.

The defensive scheme and professionalism that is brought to the organisation is exactly the platform needed to get this team to develop. Coaches breed consistency and it is this that enables development. Sometimes things don’t work out, but if you can maximize talent and  have the right environment you know you did everything you could with everything you had.

That’s exactly the kind of confidence that has Hornets fans pleased with the coaching staff. If I was to float a percentage out there I’d say 95% of fans would give a nice *Thumbs Up* to Williams and Co.

5. The Underdog Team is the Underdog City

Possibly the most appealing thing about a successful small market team is the gigantic obstacles they have to overcome. The Hornets still have most of these obstacles in their path. Managing salaries, developing team chemistry,  establishing a team identity and maintaining flexibility and appeal for free-agent/trade targets.

These are much more difficult to navigate for a team like New Orleans and it’s precisely the reason why they can be so darn appealing for people nationwide. The pieces are coming into place both on and off the court.

The team is selling season tickets at a record pace, the lease is bound for over a decade with the state and a re-brand will make it fun to be part of something new and dynamic in the league.

All of these reasons should make a compelling case for friends of yours to jump on this bandwagon now. They could become everyone’s second favorite team while remaining our first.

Spread the word Hornets fans because dealing with a larger bandwagon is a good thing!


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