Complete Hornets Rankings from #HornetsRank

After looking at the #HornetsRank votes from across the land, we tally up the results and put every Hornet into a box.

Gold Medal? Priceless

We’re three fairly large men, but let’s not call us a Big Three quite yet.

#1 Eric Gordon

H247 Writers: 1st
ESPN: 1st (37th overall)
H247 Readers: 1st
Hornets Report Readers: 1st

Gordon finished number one across the board, leaving little doubt that he’s respected, at least more than anyone else on the Hornets. If he can make it through a year without any serious injuries, and play at the level that we know he’s capable of on both ends of the floor, he should take a big jump up in the ESPN rankings next year.

2. Ryan Anderson

H247 Writers: 2nd
ESPN: 2nd (50th overall)
H247 Readers: 2nd
HR Readers: T-2nd

Anderson wasn’t a top-100 player coming out of high school. Now he’s number two on the Hornets. Impressed? Wait until you see him shoot threes!

3. Anthony Davis

H247 Writers:3rd
ESPN: 3rd (62nd overall)
H247 Readers: 3rd
HR Readers:T-2

On the bright side for Davis, this could very well be the worst he fares in #HornetsRank for the next 15 years.

Wait, there aren’t five guys ahead of us?!!?!?

4. Greivis Vasquez

H247 Writers: 6th
ESPN: 5th
H247 Readers: 5th
HR Readers: 4th

T- 5. Robin Lopez

H247 Writers: 5th
ESPN: 4th
H247 Readers: 7th
HR Readers: 5th

On most teams these guys wouldn’t be top-five.

Yeah, I can do that for you.

T-5. Jason Smith

H247 Writers: 4th
ESPN: 7th
H247 Readers: 4th
HR Readers: 6th

Smith might not be the flashiest guy in the league, but he’ll get it done off the pine. Expect another step forward from Smith following a 2011-2012 that annihilated expectations.


We’ve been told potential can lead to production…

7. Al-Farouq Aminu

H247 Writers: 7th
ESPN: 6th
H247 Readers: 8th
HR Readers: 7th

8. Austin Rivers

H247 Writers: 9th
ESPN: 10th*
H247 Readers: 6th
HR Readers: 8th

One of these guys is simply going to have to produce this year if the Hornets are going to be able to actually compete for the postseason.

Veteran leadership, baby!

9. Roger Mason Jr.

H247 Writers: 8th
ESPN: 9th*
H247 Readers: 9th
HR Readers: 9th

10. Hakim Warrick

H247 Writers: 10th
ESPN: 8th
H247 Readers: 11th
HR Readers: 10th

You’re looking at the only two members of the Hornets over thirty.


We had something to prove anyway, but especially so after #HornetsRank

11. Xavier Henry

H247 Writers: 12th
ESPN: 11th
H247 Readers: 10th
HR Readers: 11th

12. Lance Thomas

H247 Writers: 11th
ESPN: 13th*
H247 Readers: 12th
HR Readers: 12th

13. Darius Miller

H247 Writers: 13th
ESPN: 12th
H247 Readers: 13th
HR Readers: 13th

14. Brian Roberts

H247 Writers: 14th
ESPN: 14th**
H247 Readers: 14th
HR Readers: 14th

Four young-ish players, and four opportunities to make a career in the NBA. While their stories aren’t the same, the endings will be if they don’t work hard, impress the coaches, and find themselves fortunate enough to see opportunities to shine on-court.

*Mason Jr. was not ranked by ESPN in 2012, so I inserted him into this year’s rankings using his #NBARank from last year (279th).

** Roberts was not ranked by ESPN in 2012. I assume that had he been, he would have finished behind Lance Thomas.

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  1. Interesting to see how everyone views the team this year. I’m hoping for that team chemistry that brings everyone to a much higher playing level.

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