#HornetsRank Results from the Hornets247 and HornetsReport Surveys

Results are in from the readers of both Hornets247 and Hornets Report. Thanks to those who participated!

Yesterday: Hornets247 Writers
Today: Hornets247 and Hornets Report Readers
9/26: Full ESPN Results
9/27: Comparing and contrasting the rankings
9/28: Hornets Beat on #HornetsRank

8 responses to “#HornetsRank Results from the Hornets247 and HornetsReport Surveys”

  1. Looks like there’s consensus that we have 3 tiers of players — an obvious top 3, a drop to the next 5, then a drop to the scrubs, for lack of a better term. Interesting to see.

  2. As a Hornets fan, I’m hopeful Rivers will do well and understand optimistically ranking him high, but as someone who watched Duke play last year, I highly doubt it’ll happen.

  3. I say we have Smith right. They have Rivers better, to me he is 8 or 9, and we have Warrick better. To me Warrick is 11 at best.

    Half the players had the same rank in both reader’s rankings, mostly at the top 3 and bottom 3. My guess is having so many new players makes this team hard to rank at this time.

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