Ice Cream Sunday: 20120923

Published: September 23, 2012

A review of the New Orleans Hornets happenings of the week with some tasty extras not to be found elsewhere.

Starting off with some news that not really news, Benson is rich. He’s 360 of the top 400 in the U.S. Click around to get context, if you need it. Dude’s got bills, but he’ll be alright.

Ticket sales are up for our avuncular owner. We’re guaranteed an average attendance of at least 12,000 at this point, factoring in tickets of all sorts. Full Season Ticket sales are down a good bit from last year, but not as low as history would predict, so likely around 9,000, a nice feat for team that did not win half of its games. Aren’t we so glad we have a new owner and don’t have to worry about ticket sales? Oh, too soon?

On the money topic, a settlement has been reached in the Lance Thomas case that’s not been sweeping the nation. Lance’ll be alright, though not as alright as Tomcat. Duke, however, may just be feeling the temperature rise. Time will tell.

Also, Darius Miller participated in an event at his D1 Franchise.

Jim Eichenhofer had a good interview with Joel Meyers, a new Hornets Broadcaster. Some of our readers got in on the questions.

In the where are they now category, former Hornet Gerald Madkins joins the Clippers and former Hornets Chris Paul.

In the where aren’t they now, category, Jeff Bower is not in Philadelphia.

Gerry V is ready for us to get back on the court.

nikkoewan continues his series telling us what we may see on the court. I’m not sure if this will help the V-man make it through, or just make him hungrier for those sandwiches he’s always talking about.

The players’ time in San An seems to have had a positive effect. We shall see. I am loving the Duncan and Davis talk.

Good thing Eric is a basketball player and not a question answerer for living. He’s really, really good at being the former. He’ll need to head back to Illinois . . . oh, Indiana . . . He’ll need to head back to Indiana to take some classes to up his game in the question answering department. Or, maybe talk to his buddy Austin, who did well on First Take. Davis also had a nice interview recently, though it was not really about basketball. In all fairness, they’re not all horrid.

Thursday night, the Bee Zanies will have tryouts. Courtesy of your Purple Hornet and mine.

Looks like we’re officially back for the ’12-’13 season again!

For those interested in attending Hornets games and supporting our team for free, tryouts will be held on Sept 27th at 7PM at Walk Ons on Poydras (2nd floor)

-Hornets Fan (no need to be costumed, but must wear Hornets gear to games — but costumes are pretty fun)
-Able to stand and give it your all for 4 quarters (no sitting, unless during down time or timeouts)
-21 years old
-Drink Budweiser (it’s our sponsor, so only bottles of beer we can buy are Budweiser — tap beers can’t be proven so yeah)
-Do not need to be able to attend every game, usual misconception about us. As long as you tell them prior to a game or get a replacement, you’ll be fine.


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