If You Can’t Beat it, #HornetsRank it

Published: September 21, 2012

ESPN (along with us) is nearing the conclusion of it’s #NBArank summer series. As a counterpart to the series we’ll be doing our own version of player rankings– #HornetsRank. We’d like you to help out during the next 24 hours. If not…

Well, you don’t even want to imagine the irrational consequences.

That said, we really do want you to be a part of our #HornetsRank series. You have the opportunity to make our dream a reality. Just go to this document, put your name in the horizontal axis, and then fill our your picks.


It’s that simple. I even gave you my picks*. You’re practically cheating already.

In 24 hours we’ll close the polling.

Get ready. We’re about to determine the future


*follow at your own risk. Life is hard.


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