Ice Cream Sunday: 20120909

Published: September 9, 2012

Sunday is a good day to take stock, look around, and make sure the past week is over and done. Let’s make sure we’ve got this Hornets stuff buttoned up before next week smacks us in the mouth.

In on-the-court news, the New Orleans Hornets signed Darius Miller, their lone second round draft pick from the 2012 NBA Draft. The forward’s deal is reportedly guaranteed in the first year once he makes the team. I see this as the most likely outcome. The value of the contract is rarely clear in such summary pieces, but it is likely for the minimum, but maybe up to double that, or near $1m. Follow some discussion on Hornets Report if you like.

In news relating on-the-court and in-the-courts, Lance Thomas is being sued. The short of it is he allegedly owes a jeweler around $65k for diamonds. He’ll be able to pay this and court fees with after tax dollars by the first of the year, so dude better hustle. The wider implications of this civil matter lie in the details as it relates to Thomas’ time at Duke. See Reggie Bush and USC (and their no-peat).

Yes, no-peat. I can count to 0. I can count to zero with more authority than most, so step to the mic if you want (MCA, we love you).

Again, they are talking about this legal issue on Hornets Report.

On the other side of the house, the front office has been mentioned recently. First, the Saints (21) and the Hornets (50) have been listed as some of the smartest spenders in sports. There were 122 teams ranked, so we were in the top quarter and top half. We need to be above average in EVERYTHING off the court to avoid constant media curbstomping, so this is great.

It should be noted that the last two were the Tumblewolves (Zing!), and the team I hate more than any other in any sport that will ever exist: The Rams.

I hate the Rams.

Second, ESPN ranked the same 122 sports franchises in terms of being the best, which they define in their own terms, which I’m fine with. The Saints were 8th on the list, the Hornets 45th. Same comment from above applies.

What is cute to me, pointed out to me by a friend, is that the teams have different ownership scores. Now, looking at their definition of ownership, “honesty and loyalty to core players and local community,” I don’t know HOW these rankings could be both so different and so low. If the NBA ownership is in the mix (I think it should be), I fail to see how they were less than honest and less than the most loyal to the fanbase. We know the story, and I ask you readers to ponder. If you wish, I will compose a letter to ESPN to inform them of our assessment.

In surrounding-the-court news, it looks like the digital boards are going up on the expressway side of the Arena.

Also, I’ve brought this up from time-to-time, but our State support of the Arena is so important. As more proof, check this out about PSL’s, and how they secondary market for these things, at least in the short-term, is weak. We’re at least 10 years away from this nightmare.

The Saints and Hornets are having two raffles to raise money for Isaac victims. Check it out, tell people, participate if able.


On Hornets247, we’ve been holding a unique draft of NBA players (thanks Mike, Mason). Check out the results and look for more commentary this week.

Speaking of comments, we’ve had some good ones. A great two-part comment (1,2) was inspired by our draft. Also, a Magic fan weighed in on Ryan’s Ryan Anderson piece.

Lastly, for fun, some fan made highlight video clips are being released on Hornets Report. Check them out to get pumped.

Off to the Dome.

I hate the Rams.


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