Curing Offseason Boredom: Fun with Photographs!

Published: August 31, 2012

Resident comedian Chris Trew attempts to cure basketball boredom with a collection of Hornets-related photos.

It’s not even September which means it’s definitely not October and that means we are more than 60 days out from NBA basketball. Some of you are burning out your thumbs playing NBA Jam. Some of you are repeatedly clicking refresh on Hornets Report. Some of you are pretending to have a real interest in preseason football.

Hornets247 is here to keep you entertained. We’ve been cooking up content despite the lack of news because we care. How much do I care? I care enough to put together this post of old photos related to the Hornets. Please note that when I say old I don’t mean I took them a long time ago. I mean look at these old photos.

Sadly the following does not include the Lebron James All Star Game Sprite machine in the CBD (Are they going to replace this in 2014? Will it just be a new Lebron James Sprite machine? How has this not been vandalized?) or the “CP’s 3” Vitamin Water banner still hanging in the parking lot of the gas station on Washington and Magazine.

These photos are from inside the Launch Pad building in the Warehouse District. It’s a light-up streetcar with (seemingly) important images of New Orleans people. These, however, are 0-6 on the scale of relevancy.

I think customized jerseys are awesome. Whenever true Hornets fans see someone rocking a #2 or a #95 you know something is up (unless the former is a huge Dickau guy) and you always cock your head back to catch the name. These jersey numbers, however, used to belong to Trevor Ariza and Chris Paul. What is the Hornets Nest suggesting here?

Clearance Rack! Smart money is on four Posey jerseys, three Julian Wright’s and two Peja’s for every David West.

If our new twitter account has anything to say about the matter, the man on the right will take the place of the man on the left come Mardi Gras 2014 as the weird one.

Spot any photos similar to the ones above? Drop a link in the comments!

Chris Trew is a New Orleans-based comedian who performs weekly at The New Movement. See him this Friday and Saturday night at 9:00p. Mention Hornets247 and get 2-for-1 admission. 


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