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So yeah, I’ve been talking about this on the podcast.  We’ve got T-Shirts!  We’re opening with a trio of shirts I put together called “CityBrow“, “In Demps We Trust“, and “SkyNet“.

Here are the blown-up designs on each shirt.  Buy them now at the Hornets247 store!



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  1. In Dell we trust! <Agreed!

    Can someone please tell Fletcher Mackel this. Seems like he's beating the firer Dell Demps drums! He brought it up after the Lakers blocked trade, the EG10 signing w/ Phoenix offer sheet, and most recently the match offer to EG10, saying that keeping EG10 would be catastrophic because Gordon doesnt wants to be here, he can become malcontent or his injury issues could set the franchise back for years. Fletcher is a loose canon, one minute it's Great move by Mickey Loomis and Dell, then The next min it's DellDps needs to be fired if this off season move fails!
    Dell Demps have been very solid and smart with his business moves as our GM, we don't need Mickey Loomis or some other type of Good ol Boy Louisiana type of connection as the Hornets GM! Our goals should be about winning *Championships, not who has tides/connections here in Louisiana! Louisiana is still new to the NBA operations, hell, even editors of our newspaper sports section are misinforming readers.


    • You know how I deal with the fact that Fletcher doesn’t know jack$#!+… I don’t ever go to his website/blog/whatever and I don’t watch whatever channel he is on for news/sports. Problem solved 🙂

      • Same here! I never did watch WDSU and i don’t follow him on none of his sites, but he’s on AM690 “Sports Talk Hangover” weekly and I like that show! I just recently started lowering my radio for his 15min time slot on the show.

      • What, should I make a shirt with Fletcher Mackel on it and an X over his face?

        By the way, he won an award for Best Sports Blog in New Orleans recently.

    • I’m not familiar with the guy, but all the issues he has with Demps I have the same ones. Other than matching Gordon if the Suns weren’t interested in a S&T.

      This roster IMO is just ok for the future and I have a ton of questions about ever last player that makes up our core. Even if I was on board with Davis being a superstar. Gordon is injury prone and has failed to prove his production can lead to victories. Anderson is a guy who has huge concerns about producing without a dominant post presence . I don’t see Rivers as a PG in this league.

      While I agree for the most part Demps has been on point with his role players that’s the least important part of team building. The core is where deep playoffs and eventually title runs are formed. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t have faith in the core and so I don’t have any faith in Demps. Hopefully I’m dead wrong.

      • The fact that Da Throne is agreeing with Fletcher Mackel is a good thing. This guy thought that Thomas Robinson would be better than Anthony Davis for the Hornets.

    • CafePress prints their base price shirts on heavy cotton Gilden or Hanes T-shirts. I’ve never had a problem with them. However, You can add other products and there is one that prints on American Apparel.

      The CityBrow shirt has a version that is American Apparel (says Made in USA on it) but those shirts cost about 2.25 more.

    • I’ll work on getting SkyNet in black. The problem is the image itself has a lot of black and I’d need to generate a background for it to get the contrast. Not sure what color would look good.

      Or maybe an outline . . .

      Any preference?

    • Yeah, the idea with this shirts is to make them available this way – but we’ll also order a bunch ourselves and give them away as prizes.

      Once we figure out our contests for the coming season. 🙂

  2. Jason said a while back that Nikkoewan and me would be given a shirt. I was wondering how this will work.

  3. OK, just ordered shirts for me and my 2 daughters. Been waiting a long time for them to come out. Now we can identify 247 faithful at the beer garden before games. “Is this great, or what.” Flounder- Animal House

  4. Love the site but does anybody really think that “Skynet” is a clever or fitting nickname? I dont really get it.

  5. Ron Hitley had some decent tshirts back in the day but yeah they were those horribly fitted Gilden ts that would make a 24-year old Arnold Schwarzeneggar look unflattering.

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