Austin Rivers Wanted to Play in Hornets Final Summer League Game

Published: July 21, 2012

I chatted with Austin Rivers after the Hornets final Summer League game. He told me that he wanted to play, and that if it had been the regular season, he would have.

Here’s the text version of the Q and A with Austin Rivers.

How’s you feelin? How’s the lower body?

AR: It’s a lot better. It’s just nagging soreness and stuff like that. So it was cautionary. They just wanted me to sit and support.

If this wasn’t Summer League, do you think you would have gone?

AR: Yeah, I would have went out there and played. I mean, I wanted to play now. It’s just [the coaches] decision and just getting right for when the real season starts. You know, it’s a long season so when things happen you gotta bulk up and go out there and play.

Is there any concern on your part about adjusting to the rigors of an NBA schedule?

AR: No, I mean, everyone has to go through it. I think the main thing, I think I’ve always been really good at just maintianing my rest and eating right and stuff like that.  I think those little things really help. As far as working hard, you gotta put the work in to make sure your body is right. I know I’ll be alright. There’s going to be really tough challenges ahead, but that’s what you live for. That’s what I live for so I’m just going to go out there and play.

What else are you working on the rest of the summer?

AR: Just continuing to get stronger. That way I can go into training camp right, and just getting in the best shape I can possibly be. That way in training camp I’m already in decent shape. [Workin on] my handle, skills, working on a lot of stuff that point guards do as well. I’ve been playing a lot of shooting guard, but I’ve been playing a lot of point guard as well. So, ya know, continuing to do that stuff.



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