Hornets “Acquire” Brad Miller

Published: July 13, 2012

Dell got some (almost?) free picks for the Hornets.

This one is not about players.  The Timberwolves were trying to clear salary cap space so they could actually tender all the contracts they promised to Brandon Roy, Nicolas Batum and Alexey Shved this off-season.  Brad Miller had about $850k worth of guaranteed salary for this year left on his contract, and the Wolves needed that space.

Enter the Hornets and their unused cap space.  The price: The Timberwolves’ 2nd round pick in 2016, the Brooklyn Nets’ 2013 (edit: 2nd round) pick (which the Wolves owned) and an undisclosed lump of cash to presumably pay most of the $850k Brad Miller was due.

We will not see Brad Miller in a Hornets uniform – unless the Hornets want to pick up the extra $5 million in non-guaranteed salary in Miller’s contract.  Considering he hasn’t played well in five years and hasn’t played meaningful minutes in two, I’d guess that won’t happen.

Still – these are the sorts of deals you can make if you remain below the salary cap.  Bravo, Mr. Demps.


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