Eric Gordon Officially Signs the Suns’ Maximum Salary Offer Sheet

Published: July 11, 2012

Eric Gordon will be paid a maximum salary, but by whom? It’s the Hornets’ choice.

ESPN’s Marc Stein has just reported that Eric Gordon has officially signed the Suns’ maximum salary offer sheet. Reports that the Suns and Gordon agreed to the terms emerged late on July 3rd.

Now, there are only two options: The Hornets can let the Suns sign Gordon and live with the reduced salary figure of ($38,849,996) as their return on the asset, or they can match the four year, $58m offer ($13,668,750 first year, $615,093 increases), yielding a cap figure of $52,045,143.

For the moment, the Hornets count only Gordon’s $9,577,960 cap hold in their salary, however, leaving $10,089,648 in cap space.

The Hornets have until the afternoon of July 14th to make the decision on whether or not to match the offer and keep him on the Hornets. If they do not act in this time, then Eric Gordon will become a member of the Suns. According to Stein, “they definitely will but early indications I get is they’ll make PHX wait full 3 days.” Doing so would be beneficial to the Hornets, as it allows the Hornets to make some moves to flesh out the roster with players commanding well-above minimum salary.

Stay tuned.

((Nota Bena: These salary figures are updated as of the Jarrett Jack trade. Any later move is not reflected.))


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