Trew to the Game: Photo Journey from the NBA Draft

Chris Trew finally got the film developed from his trip to New Jersey to take in the NBA Draft. 

When I was a kid I had reconstructive jaw surgery so my mouth had to be wired shut for the entire Summer. The two things that kept me company those dark sad months was Goldberg’s undefeated streak and the NBA Draft. I had them both taped and they were watched repeatedly while my friends played outside and were able to open their mouths. Imagine my excitement when it dawned on me that I’m going to already be in NYC during the draft and, oh right, the Hornets have two top ten picks.

I entered through the special Hornets247 secret passageway and was escorted by several supermodels riding on lions to my seat in the upper deck. Only one of those things is true. Here’s my journey through photographs.

This Brooklyn Nets table was largely ignored by everyone I saw walk in front of it. Seemed like it would be sad for all the Nets fans who still live in New Jersey to see this. If I was a Nets fan who lived in New Jersey I think I would protest the draft. Where are the protesters? Where are the burgers? I found the burgers.

“Uber” Burger was a simple and solid choice. A consensus #1 meal choice outside the Prudential Center. For a beverage I went with Delaware Punch which most consider to be a cocky soda that takes too many shots. I devoured both then headed inside.

This, by the way, was the scene around 7:15pm, 15 minutes before the start of the draft. There wasn’t a lot of people inside which was probably why there was also a Groupon for Draft tickets earlier this week.

There was a Bobcats fan on the escalator. She seemed happy though.

Everyone got a copy of this booklet that had tons of info on every player that was probably helpful if you hadn’t already been devouring every single ounce of draft news and rumors for the past month. Maybe the NBA could have saved all this paper. When is NBA Green Week? Remind me about this around that time, please.

This guy probably felt nothing all night long because judging by his outfit he can’t make up his mind and his heart is cold (that’s a Miami Heat hat, if you can’t tell). There was another kid who’s draft sheet was derailed by the Anthony Davis pick. He had Damian Lillard going #1 and he seemed confused. To be fair he was 10 years old and probably Mason Ginsberg’s little brother.

My view was kinda blah and you couldn’t hear anything but still you guys – I got to watch the NBA Draft in person. When Anthony Davis was announced the crowd erupted. A Who Dat was shouted from somewhere 2 sections over. A group of guys with I’m In shirts stood up and posed. A guy in the row before me pumped his fists and the guy next to him asked if he was from New Orleans. He responded with some strange mumbles about a relative maybe living near the city. The tables have turned you guys! People are forcing connections to the city to feel like they’re part of what’s being built. That is an awesome feeling.

When Austin Rivers’ name was called the crowd erupted again. I proudly stood up, alerting my section that I am a New Orleans Hornets by loudly saying “That’s all for me”. I headed out of the Prudential Center happy to be a Hornets fan knowing we scored the Hamburger and Delaware Punch of the 2012 Draft Class.

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