Tenth Pick Tournament Round Two: The Results are IN!

Published: June 19, 2012

Two blowouts and two narrow victories in the second round, plus a twist!

We finally have the match-up that I believe we all knew was inevitable, as Austin Rivers and Damian Lillard both cruised in their match-ups, while Tyler Zeller and Perry Jones III both pulled off mini upsets on the big man side of the bracket. Their reward? Not, just a battle against each other, but a Three-Way cage match with the winner of our loser’s bracket- Mr. Trade UP! Trade up and Meyers Leonard were neck and neck all week, but Trade Up literlly pulled ahead in the final hour, winning by three votes. Lamb was third and Arnett Moultrie was dead last, for those of you wondering.


Damian Lillard (67%) scores a victory over Kendall Marshall

Austin Rivers (61%) flows to a win over Terrence Ross (39%)

Tyler Zeller (53%) BACKdoors a victory over Jared Sullinger (47%)

Perry Jones III (56%) leaps to victory over John Henson (44%)

Trade Up (19.1%) narrowly edges out Meyers Leonard (18.9%) to get another chance at the crown

Semi- Final Schedule

Wednesday and Thursday

Austin Rivers vs. Damian Lillard

Friday and Saturday

Tyler Zeller vs. Trade Up vs. Perry Jones III

Results will be announced Monday, with the Finals debate coming Tuesday and results revealed Thursday afternoon.



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