Tenth Pick Tournament Round One: The Results are In!

Published: June 12, 2012

You let your voice be heard, and now the votes have been tallied. Let’s see who has moved on to the Elite Eight

That is right, the first round is in the books and some of these literally came down to the wire. Lamb and Ross were in a dead heat until the final four minutes and the winner only received four more votes than the loser of that battle. Without further adieu, your results.

Austin Rivers (64%) owns Dion Waiters  (36%)

Perry Jones (54%) squeaks by Terrence Jones (46%)

Damian Lillard (63%) slaps down Trading for a Vet (37%)

Jared Sullinger (68%) crushes Arnett Moultrie (32%)

Kendall Marshall (53%) upends Trading Up (47%)

John Henson (53%) takes down Royce White (47%)

Tyler Zeller (56%) towers over Meyers Leonard (44%)

Terrence Ross (51%) slithers past Jeremy Lamb (49%)

Round Two Schedule:


Damian Lillard vs. Kendall Marshall

The matchup everybody wanted will take place in round two as the two best point guards in this class go head to head.


Perry Jones III vs. John Henson

Two guys whose teams narrowly missed out on a trip to New Orleans battle it out for our Final Four.


Austin Rivers vs. Terrence Ross

An interesting match-up that features two guards who score in very different ways.


Jared Sullinger vs. Tyler Zeller

Productive and safe meets productive and safe. What matters more- length or girth?

Back From the Dead

We are giving you the power to bring one player back from the dead. He (or it- if it is a trade) will appear at some point in the future when you least expect it and will have a shot to win this whole thing! Vote wisely.

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