Select-a-Seat Weekend 2012

Published: June 2, 2012

It’s time to get your actual butt in an actual seat.

There are no more excuses. Everything a Hornets fan could want is in our grasp. You local fans, the ones who many claim are the best and most important fans of the team, need to get the some season tickets. Before we had to rally to attract an owner, blah blah blah.

Now it’s time to buy because this is our awesome team. Anthony Davis will bring the awesome and the doughnuts (rookie!). Get in there and bring the our. You want to shut the naysayers up? Dig your fingers into this team and don’t let go. Then, when they open their pieholes, we shove the Arena down their scrawny necks, buy them a bear, slap on the back, and convert them as fans of New Orleans and the Hornets. That’s how you do it.

This weekend is the best of all possible weekends to get new Hornets seats or upgrade your current ones. This is because you get to go down to the Arena, have the team kiss up to you a bit, and go sit in the seats you’ll be purchasing. This lets you try out the sightlines, nearest amenities, access, etc.

It’s fun to boot.

Current season ticket holders got an email with their appointment for today. Saints season ticket holders can arrive Sunday at 11, and the public can choose seats from 1-3. You can attend any time after you first availability (in my experience).

Season tickets are on sale already. If you can’t make it call 504-525-HOOP or dig around on

You only need to drop down a deposit, and they’ll bill you in installments. It doesn’t get easier.

Additionally, people have brought up the idea of getting together and sitting in little clusters of posters, or finding people to split tickets with. To support this, we have this post and a thread at Hornets Report.

For reference, Hornets247 has seats in 303. If are interested in upper corner seats, check those out.

Where do you guys sit?

Who’s looking to sit next to other fans as great as our readers? Who’s looking for a worthy person to split tickets with?


I had a great time at the event today, and I talked it up on The Swarm (12-2 990 AM WGSO, hosted by Joe Gerrity). Tickets were being added and upgraded by a large number of folks. If you missed your appointment today, go tomorrow before 1 when the general public can get in. If you didn’t have an appointment and are on the fence, get down there and check it out. Trust me, these tickets are moving. I don’t get anything for saying that; I’m just trying to make sure you fans have the shots you want at going to games at low prices.


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