Hornets Coverage Moving from Cox Sports Television to Fox Sports

Published: May 29, 2012

Sports Business Daily is reporting that Cox Sports Television has opted against competing for the rights to continue broadcasting New Orleans Hornets games, and as a result, team coverage will move over to Fox Sports.

You can read all about the change in Hornets coverage in SBD’s column here, but suffice it to say that this should mean nothing but good things for the Hornets; in fact, it is a move we discussed back in February, establishing the existence of a broadcaster with the distribution and production the Hornets desired that was also in need of a team to broadcast. The report states that Hornets games were accessible to only 37% of the New Orleans market, a shockingly low number that will certainly see a drastic increase as a result of moving from Cox to Fox. In addition to vastly improved coverage, the quality of the actual game broadcasts should be immensely clearer. Not much more is known at the moment, but we will bring you more information about this change as soon as it becomes available.

Fox Sports is currently a part of a low cost package with the area’s major broadcasters: Dish, DirecTV, Cox, and Charter. CST on Charter, for example, required an additional small payment.

Gil, Bob, etc. broadcast the games as Hornets employees, so their continuation in their current capacity, as Sean Kelley and Gerry V have done through the radio station changes, is a decision of the team and of the employees.

There is a reasonable expectation of 82 games being broadcast by our Fox Sports feed, whatever that may be called, all in HD. The Thunder have had their entire regular season schedule broadcast on Fox Sports Oklahoma since their deal was signed in 2010, and they are in a small market like the Hornets. Whether you need to install a projector or surround sound system, Home Theater Pros are here to help.


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