In the NO Podcast Episode 65: Kentucky or UNC?

With a good eight members of the fourteen lottery slots in this comnig draft likely to be filled by players from Kentucky and UNC, Michael arranged for bloggers covering those teams to come on and walk us through each of those potential lottery picks and their strengths and weaknesses.

Our first guest is Glenn Logan of, who adresses all our questions about the unibrow, Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrance Jones and Marquis Teague.

Our second guest is Brian Barbour of, who answers questions about Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, John Henson and Kendall Marshall.

A big thanks to both our guests!

It’s a monster podcast, hope you got some time to burn and get smart!

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15 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 65: Kentucky or UNC?”

  1. Just wanna say you guys do an awesome job. Can’t think of many blogs that do weekly podcasts. I look forward to these, keep it up. And good job calling out how nice ad’s backside is.

    • Appreciate that- I really do. And I just want to say that we really do all these podcasts for you guys, so please let us know who you want to hear from. We have David Thorpe from ESPN coming up in the next week or two, Dell in early June, and hopefully Monty and Hugh Weber again shortly after that.

      Joe will be at the Summer League this year and we will try to get our rookies on, but if there is anybody or any topic that you want covered, we will try to track down the experts in their field to come on and share their insight.

      I don’t know about you, but hearing the passion and the insane amount of knowledge from guys like this really reminded me how beneficial it is to talk to people who have a more singular focus and I hope we can find more guests like this to broaden our knowledge base.

      • I want to give some feedback, and say I really love gettting to here from guys like this as well. I have almost stopped watching the clips-griz series because of all the uninformed comments John (or Jon) Barry has made about the hornets. One game I watched he forced about three insults into a 6 minute time frame, which is amazing considering we clearly aren’t in the series.

        So thanks for bringing along intelligent guest, who are focused and have an expertise in a specific field. It is really cool getting to here their takes on these guys.

        Wonder if we could find some one to do something similar for Thomas Robinson and Andre Drummond. I really like Robinson, and I don’t understand the Drummond love at all. I’d like to hear insiders give their two cents on those two.

      • Definitely want to get some guys on to talk Drummond, Beal, Perry Jones III, and Thomas Robinson at some point between now and June 28th.

        Side note: Am I naive, or were you guys as surprised as I was that these guys were both so knowledgeable about college ball, and obviously followed it religiously but couldn’t care less about the NBA? Previous to last night, I didn’t know one person who fit that criteria- now I know two!

      • MM – Yeah I was actually surprised by that, as well. I felt a couple of times that they really backed away from talking about the pro game too much like they felt out of their element. I know quite a few people that are the exact opposite way, and they always seem to cite the “one and done” rule as ruining college basketball for them.

        I do know a lot of rabid Kentucky fans though, due to coming from and living most my life in SEC country, so maybe I should have known they would be out there.

  2. I basically just want to who will Hornets choose for their pick out of T.Robinson or H.Barnes, & who will hornets choose at the 10th spot? What do u guys think ?

  3. Great podcast guys,

    You all make being the NBA so much more enjoyable for all of us fans.

    Hearing these guys speak about their college players changed my opinion on a few of them – particularly with Teague…

    • Wow that didn’t make sense…

      *You all make the NBA so much more enjoyable for us fans…

      Keep it up gang!

  4. I haven’t posted on 24/7 in quite a while, but I had to acknowledge your successful podcast that has become my regular source for Hornets basketball. Thank you guys for the intelligent commentary and insightful approach to Hornets basketball. Keep it coming!!!

    I know you probably already have your plates full, but I would love to hear you guys analyze: Kidd-GilChrist v. Thomas Robinson (if we land the 2nd pick of course) & I would love to hear your opinions on Dragic with regards to the PG of the future.

    Thanks again for everything and I’ll catch you guys next week!!!!

  5. Great insite about guys in both programs.

    For the most part I agree with everything said. I’m not high on Davis and not high on Marshall.

    I would go
    1. Micheal Kidd-Gilchirst
    2. Terrence Jones
    3a. Harrison Barnes
    3b. Anthony Davis
    5. Kendall Marshall
    6a. Doron Lamb
    6b. John Henson
    6c. Tyler Zeller
    9. Marquis Teague
    10. Darius Miller

    • Mad respect to you going out on a limb/against the grain, but I will say this: If Terrance Jones turns out to be a better NBA player than Anthony Davis, I will buy you a signed and framed T Jones jersey and actually eat a live crow on one of our live video chats. Tag this page, because I keep my promises.

      Personally, my list would go:

      1. Davis
      2. MKG
      3. Marshall
      4. Barnes
      5. Henson
      6. Zeller
      7. Teague
      8. Jones
      9. Lamb
      10. Miller

      That’s the great thing about the draft thought, isn’t it? Two guys who obviously know there stuff can have such drastically different opinions. And it will only take 3-5 years until we have our answers! By then, we will be arguing about the next class.

  6. “Can you imagine Marshall, Gordon, and Kidd-Gilchrist?”

    You got me salivating.

    Assuming we have no shot at trading for Rondo, this might be my favorite draft combo that doesn’t include Anthony Davis.

    Unstoppable fast break.

  7. I’m drinking Mike’s Kendall Marshall Kool Aid. I just feel like guys like that have a much better chance in the league despite the obvious flaws. I think he has the potential to make his teammates better, something so valuable. Even if he comes off the bench, imagine Marshall with Ayon–so much basketball intelligence. We could call the second unit Mensa.

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