Hornets – Jazz Precap

Published: April 13, 2012

Jason is busy tonight, so he’s going to do the recap now.

Magic 8-Basketball

Magic Basketball

With the ownership situation, draft lottery, and draft forthcoming, all we are doing is looking ahead. I’d like to go to the game tonight but am otherwise engaged, so I’ll be doing a precap, a recap ahead of the game (out-Joeing Joe with his signature early recaps). Joe will justifiably thrash me when wrong, but he will kindly give the smallest of nods when I totally stick a prediction.

  • Hornets lose by less than 6.
  • Vasquez ticked off a double-double.
  • Marco, single-double.
  • Aminu had a strong offensive showing: at least 7 points.
  • Ayon returned to form with over 10 points and over 1.3 points per shot with at least 2 assists and at least 2 steals.


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