Game On: Kings @ Hornets (Welcome to the NBA, Jerome Dyson!)

Published: April 11, 2012

Jerome Dyson makes his debut, Marcus Thornton returns home, some injured/healthy Hornets may or may not play, and it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Note– There’s a free crawfish boil with ONE THOUSAND POUNDS of Louisiana crawfish for season ticket holders tonight in the beer garden. I’ll see you there!

Double note– A little birdie just told me it’s Ryan’s birthday. Happy birthday, Ryan!

1. Our long lost buddy, Marcus Thornton, makes another return! Yay! We could have ourselves a serious conflict on interest in the Big Easy if Eric Gordon were to match up against him, but after not taking place in the shootaround today it seems unlikely that Gordon will play. He’s still officially listed as questionable.

2. Jerome Dyson will presumably make his first NBA appearance. If memory serves, he’ll be the fifth player to make their NBA debut on the Hornets this season. Ayon, Squeaky, Jeff Foote, and Lance Thomas are the others. Dyson will be the 21st different player to see action for the Hornets this year. I propose the nickname “Blackjack” if he winds up pulling a Jeremy Lin. Who’s with me?

Seriously, I’m excited to see Dyson play. He dealt witha bunch of adversity earlier in his career, but it seems like things have leveled out for him recently. Hopefully this is the start of a long stretch of quality basketball.

3. It’s a beautiful day in the Crescent City, and the Hornets are literally giving away lower bowl tickets (Not sure how long this will last, but the promo code is ENTERGY).

4. Here’s a nice interview with Monty from Zach Lowe over at SI

5. There’s a long discussion about who to take if the Hornets got the number two pick over at Hornets Report. Also make sure you vote in our poll in the sidebar. As of now, MKG and Robinson are pretty much even atop the list. 351 votes so far, and FIVE people have said someone besides MKG, Robinson or Drummond.

6. Mason and I did the 3-on-3 over at Cowbell Kingdom. Check, check, check, check, check it out.

7. I just got word from the Hornets that I get to attend the game on the 19th against the Rockets as a fan. Plus I get to do an on-court competition. Lagniappe Points (Season Ticket Holder Points) FTW. HORNETS RULEZ!

8. With a loss the Hornets would move just one game back of Washington in the race to the bottom. With a win they’d actually be only two and a half games clear of Sacramento, who has seemingly embraced their inner tank.

9. The Tumblewolves just keep on tumbling. They’ve now lost 6 in a row, giving some life to the idea that their pick could wind up being in the single digits. With 10 games to go  for lottery seeding, they sit two games behind Golden State, three and a half behind Detroit, and four and a half behind New Jersey and Cleveland.

10. I’ll be at the game a bit early to see if I can figure out who is going to play. Odds are I won’t be successful. Monty is harder to crack than a steel nut, lately


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