Game On: Tumblewoves @ Hornets

Published: April 7, 2012

Eric Gordon and the Hornets take on the Tumblewolves tonight in what should be a pretty fair match up.

Kevin Love and the T-Wolves come to town today for what could be their fifth loss in a row. Although there is only so far they can really fall, the T-Wolves have lost four in a row and currently sit three games back of Golden State and three and a half games back of Detroit… in the race for lottery positioning of course.

Thanks to a Cleveland win last night, the Hornets sit a full five games ahead of Sacremento, New Jersey and the Cavs. They’re also now two and a half games back of the Wizards for the two spot. Considering Washington’s awfulness this year and the Hornets relative success lately, the Hornets can get a win here and not worry too much about the lottery repurcussions.

I can root, root, root for the home team. If they don’t win it will be a shame. Tonight is one of those rare opportunities for our lottery bound team team to really beat their competition to a pulp without hesitation or fear of the consequences. Minnesota has been pissing us off all year long with their BS wins and path toward a not-so-stellar draft pick.

We wanted a high lottery pick and more legitimate chances to score Anthony Davis. Instead the stupid T-Wolves have been mediocre at worst, a fringe playoff contender at best. If not for the Rubio injury, it’s probable they would have wound up making the playoffs and denied us the opportunity to get even a few additional sequences of numbers in the process.

Oh we hate Minnesota this year, and don’t anyone forget it.

Tonight is the time to show them what we’re made of. Tonight is the time to show them how they should be losing games the rest of the season. Tonight is our night!



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