Game On: Hornets @ Nuggets

Published: March 9, 2012

The Hornets visit the mile-high city and try to bring down an almost full-strength Denver Squad.  I give you the keys to victory.

The Hornets visit the streaky Denver Nuggets tonight, facing a squad that is finally getting back most of its parts after suffering through a string of injuries.  The squad, when healthy, ran out to a nice 15-7 start before it’s current stretch of bad luck brought it down.

Tonight, the Hornets may get Landry back on the floor.  No word on Okafor or Smith.  That Smith concussion thing is really bizarre, by the way.

Keys to Victory:

  1. This game will be won at the free throw line. The Nuggets numbers show very few advantages against their opponents, but when it comes to the Charity Stripe, they have few equals in the league.  They draw a free throw on every third shot they take, a rate that is good for second in the league.  On the other side of the court, they only allow a free throw for every fourth shot an opponent takes.  That differential spots them a good five points in every game.  The Hornets will have to defend without fouling to make this game a contest.
  2. The Hornets will have to hit their shots.  The Nuggets shoot very well, posting an eFG% of 50.8%.  This is the third best number in the league.  However – they also allow the fifth worst opponent eFG% in the league, letting other teams post an eFG% of 50.3%.  The Hornets will need to capitalize on that soft defense and stick their shots.
  3. Marco has to have a big game from the perimeter.  To further refine the number above, Denver really, really struggles to defend the three point line, allowing a lot of converted three pointers.  The Hornets will need Belly to be sticking these shots to keep Denver on their heels.

Enjoy the game!

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