Dunk that Sh!t: Rondo, Suggestions for the New Owner, and Lin-credible Nicknames

Published: February 17, 2012

We speculate on Rondo’s possible future as a Hornet, give some advice to our new owner, and come up with some nicknames to curret Hornets. Some of which are Lin-comprehensible and Lin-coherent.

1. Am I crazy or does it just seem Rajon Rondo is destined to be a Hornet? (via GHoolest on Twitter)

Michael McNamara: I don’t know about destined, but I know Monty and Dell would love to have him running the point and the Celtics look determined to move him for some odd reason. I don’t think Rondo gets moved this year, but I would bet that he will let it be known in the offseason that he is not pleased with them shopping him and Ainge will finally pull the trigger this summer. If and when that happens, I think the Hornets could pounce and offer up two very different packages; one that allows the Celtics to stay in contention if they decide to bring back KG, and another that helps them rebuild while staying flexible.

So let’s say that Ainge wants to make a run with Pierce and he brings back Garnett at a much smaller number. And let’s also assume that he will be in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. How about Jack and Gordon for Rondo? Celtics would still have room to sign Superman and they become instant threats to the Heat and Bulls in the East. And even if they can’t bring in Dwight, a Gordon/Pierce combo would be deadly, and Gordon can take over the mantle as Pierce fades into retirement. An Indiana kid becoming the face of the franchise for the Celtics. Where have we seen that before.

Meanwhile, the Hornets get Rondo (the guy they really wanted in the CP3 trade) at a price tag lower than EG10 wants. Gordon turned down 12+ million per year, while Rondo is due 36 over the next 3 seasons. Rondo is exactly the kind of point guard that can help Aminu thrive by getting him easy buckets, plus you add two lottery picks and a ton of cap room, and the Hornets can become playoff contenders in a season or two. More than anything, Rondo gets what he wants- to be the #1 guy and get the respect that comes with it.

Or Boston could decide that they are blowing it up and moving on. Obviously Ainge is not completely sold on Rondo, but I am positive there will be someone he gushes over in the upcoming draft. Every year he falls in love, and this year will be no different. Let’s say the Hornets pick 3rd or 4th and Anthony Davis and Thomas Robinson are off the board. Why wouldn’t the Hornets consider trading the 3rd pick, Vasquez, and Henry for Rondo? The Celtics get some youth on rookie contracts to start the rebuild and the Hornets create the best back court in the league. Two young vets who are just hitting their prime, combined with some solid vets in Ariza, Jack, and Mek, not to mention cap flexibility and young assets (Aminu, Ayon, Smitty, Minny pick, whatever they get for Kaman) that could develop or turned into another good player.

Personally, I take the second route and rejuvinate the fan base by putting an exciting product on the floor. And not only would it be exciting, but it could possibly be sneaky great for the next 5-8 years if Demps hits on a few key moves. Imagine adding Josh Smith to that nucleus or David Lee to play pick and role with those two fabulous P&R guards. Just like Boston did in ‘08, the Hornets could go from cellar dwellers to contenders over night.

2. I want some outside of the box thinking here. New owner comes in and asks you for three original ideas to kick start his reign as owner of the Hornets, what do you tell him? (Robert Khabiti via email)

Jason Calmes: First, I would start a fan council. This would be a completely volunteer effort on the part of the fans. Some Hornets employee of some stature would act as a liaison between the team and the council, while others help run it (set it up, get the food, take the minutes). Every month, the team sets up a meeting room, and a sort of neighborhood association type of meeting would take place. People would bring up ideas and issues, vote on them, while working on things in between meetings. Fans get to focus some charitable efforts, organize pep rallies, throw parties, assist marketing efforts and sponsorship drives, etc. Team picks up the expenses for the meetings and directs 5% to 10% of the marketing budget according to the council’s decisions. You want us to be In . . . then let us in.

Second, I’d work with Harrah’s to set up a “High Roller” sponsor for each night. The sponsor is chosen before each home game and gets to invite people into a suite with Harrah’s folks. Harrah’s gives up some of their electronic signs and advertising for the chosen sponsor for the second half, retaining a border or a banner with the High Roller logo . To be eligible, the sponsor must local, and they get higher chances for higher sponsorship level, up to a point. High level sponsors are not eligible. This will attract small local sponsors, show businesses the value of higher value sponsorship, all while giving Harrah’s a natural advertising platform to engage fans, that pistol whips the effect of a plain sign.

Third, I extend the embrace of local culture that led to the recent in-game live music addition. For each home game, the Hornets adopt a local figure or institution. Folks show up to a show, there’s a Hornets rep taking care of the cover. They don’t say where it’s going to be, or when. They just do it. Folks show up to a restaurant, meals are on the Hornets rep. Hornets swoop in and comp an artists studio space for a month. Hornets comp some tickets for a dance performance. Etc. We see a video at the next home game summarizing the event. This is not sponsor related. This is the Hornets going out, hanging with the people, and sharing something about the city everyone can be proud of. Help out the foundation of the city while buying a round for the guys who’ve been been around, and pretty soon you are just one of the guys instead of the new guy.

3. All I see is Lin-sanity, Lin-sational. I want some Hornets names turned into puns. Go! (@RostinWhitney via Twitter)

Jason Calmes: So, this is more or a portmanteau, a work that is formed from other words whose meaning is a combination of the meanings of the ingredient words. Examples: Infomercial, Motel, Guesstimate, Idiocracy. A pun is more of the horrible word substitution or double-meaning things I like, such as, “Yogi couldn’t bear it,” or “Look into the Baker’s ryes if you think he’s trying to cheat you.” We’ll just interpret this question as `word fun’.

Here’s one per guy, perhaps with a little remark about how horrible this one is. If you figure out some of the harder ones, there’re tickets in your future.

Jarrett Jack of all trades
Chris Kaveman
The BB Baller
Ayon the boards
Marco Belinetti (low, low quality)
The Hoosier Bruiser
The Ghentleman
The Prince
Ain’t that the tooth?
Jason “Priestley” Smith
The Twelfth Man (there are few words I hate more than “twelfth”)
L’answer Thomas
Greivis Passquez (awful, weak sauce, I know)
The King

McNamara: Like the list, here are a few more, some are nicknames, others are possible headlines:

It’s O’ Kaman
Donald Sloan and his Entourage
Hornets Riding Solo(mon)
One if by Landry, Two if by Sea
Oak-a-Sore (if he is injured) or Oak-a-Soar (if he gets up in the air and Dunks that Sh!t)


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