In the NO Podcast Episode 53: Interview with Hornets’ President Hugh Weber

Published: February 14, 2012

Hornets’ President Hugh Weber joins Ryan Schwan and Jason Calmes on the In the NO Podcast, addressing topics in the following order:

  • Attendance and the I’m In campaign
  • Timetable for Ownership and a new Lease Agreement (The want ownership and Gordon back for renewal drive)
  • Primary Hornets’ considerations for the new TV Deal
  • Engaging Local Businesses and the difference between our business owners and other cities.
  • The mass House Cleaning two summers ago – what was the impetus?
  • Difference between having the NBA as an owner and having a traditional owner.
  • What happened with that Lakers trade?
  • New Media, twitter, Brad Pitt as GM, Moneyball and trading for Dwight Howard.

I want to thank Hugh Weber for his time, and you should take the time to listen. There’s some good stuff there. And some great stuff if you read between the lines.

Enjoy the Podcast! Want it on Itunes?


What a puppet Weber is


Great podcast. After listening to that I have much respect for the Hornet's organization.


Great podcast. Keep up the good work, guys.


Great stuff gentlemen; congratulations on getting the PREZ to speak to these issues ... amazing how a nice little win and a sense that things are moving forward for the franchise can make the day a lot better .... Speaking of which, don't forget the ladies today and tonight, they tend to take today kinda serious I've discovered through the years....


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