Hornets T-Shirt Design Contest

Design a sweet T-shirt and become a legend at the same time.

T-Shirts! Get Your T-Shirts!

Ir’s time to make some Hornets themed T-shirts, and since I suck at this kind of stuff you all are the coolest and most enlightened Hornets fans I know, I decided to leave the designs up to you! If you win, you’ll be sitting pretty for a Hornets game wearing one of the three free shirts you received for coming up with the sweetest design.

The Rules

You can send as many designs as you want, but it’s better to send two good ones than 20 crappy ones.

The design must specify a shirt style and color (please choose a common t-shirt brand) and up to two colors of ink on the front. If you want to include a design for the back of the shirt as well, please limit the back to only one color.

Shirts cannot infringe on trademarks held by the Hornets/NBA. They can’t say New Orleans Hornets in full. Try not to use the same color combination that the Hornets use. They cannot use players’ full names (can’t say Gustavo Ayon, buy can say Ayon). They can’t use any of the Hornets logos. It’s unclear what exactly we can and can’t do past that, but use your best judgment. Look at the Thunder shirts on Tree And Leaf and you’ll get a better idea of what is OK and what isn’t. There is a fine line, for sure. Try really hard not to cross it.

I will do this at least a few times per year from here on out, but for this specific contest, designs must be submitted by Sunday, January 29th at 11:59 PM CENTRAL TIME. Yeah, I said central time.

Initially shirt designs will be narrowed down by myself and a few others. After that, we’ll take the survivors back you you all for a vote to see what gets made. In all likelihood there will actually be two or three designs made into shirts, but there’s only a guarantee of one this time around.

If your shirt design gets made into a shirt, I’ll send you three free shirts. Also, you’ll get a pair of tickets to a Hornets game of your choice OR something from my collection of random Hornets memorabilia taking up my precious closet space. I actually have Christmas ornaments and a wreath signed by almost every player and coach on the 2007-2008 team, so there are some cool things you could get.

Submit designs to JoeKnowsSports@Gmail.com . Again, that’s Joe Knows Sports at gmail dot com.

If you have any questions, throw them up here and I’ll hopefully get an answer to you shortly.

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  1. Love the idea Joe. Since Hornets Nest and other stores aren’t coming out with new gear we need to support our team grass roots style. Can we get some game themed t-shirt contests going as well to stick it to the visiting teams.

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