Game On: Grizzlies @ Hornets (With Live Pre-Game and In-Game Chat)

Published: January 18, 2012

The Hornets take on the Grizzlies for the fourth time in 16 games (including preseason), Quincy Pondexter makes his glorious return, and we’re here to talk about it all night long.

Expect a post on something related to this screen grab from the Hornets store very soon.

The Hornets take on the Grizzlies tonight for the fourth time in this condensed season. The Hornets have won just one of their last 11 games after starting the season 2-0, while the Grizzlies have won five of eight following a 1-3 start. The Hornets are coming off a pretty poor showing against the Trailblazers, where they shot a whopping zero percent from behind the arc.

The Grizzlies, however, handily whooped the Chicago Bulls on that same night. Monty Williams is optimistic that Trevor will play, that Trevor himself seems to think he’ll be back. The Hornets will need him to counter Rudy Gay. Otherwise the Grizz will have an even bigger advantage at the small forward position. In all likelihood though, he’s not at 100% and won’t be as effective as he normally is, which isn’t all that effective on the offensive end to begin with.

New Orleans grabs a higher percentage of total rebounds (53.2 >49.9), offensive rebounds (29.9>28.1), and defensive rebounds (76.9>71.8). Memphis has the advantage in terms of…um…. other stuff. A lot of other stuff.

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