Videos: Chris Kaman, Monty, and the Scrimmage

In the last practice at the Alario Center before the last preseason game of the Hornets hectic preseason, I finally asked Chris Kaman the all-important question about his desired nickname. Answer—He doesn’t care. He’s a character, and I look forward to seeing what he brings to the locker room this year. Monty Williams talks a bit about the effects of the lockout, the problem Trevor Ariza presents to getting Aminu and Pondexter minutes, and more.

We also have full video of the scrimmage from under one of the baskets for anyone who missed it. Enjoy.

16 responses to “Videos: Chris Kaman, Monty, and the Scrimmage”

    • Makes me feel sick even thinking I said that. Is Kaman a perfect fit as a shooter. What?? Not what I meant to say.

      What I wanted to know is whether or not he planned to use kaman to space the floor as a shooter or if he would mostly have him down low. And then if he saw Butch (before the injury) being the kind of big man who could step outside. By the look he gave me, clearly I did not express myself well.

      One day I will learn to use my words.

  1. What about for Kaman…..Kane?

    Yes, the wrestling mark’ism is coming out of me concerning my favorite basketball team. So sue me.

      • I haven’t seen Aminu play much except against us last year where he look like a Quasi-All-Star. Can he play the 4?

      • Aminu played the 4 in college. He looks pretty lost on the perimeter. With his ridiculous length, he’s probably better used at the 4. It also looks like he added quite a bit of bulk since last year.

    • Jason Smith is a good shooter from the 15-20 foot range. Somebody has to teach him how to use his fake and then attack the basket, instead of faking multiple times doing nothing and eventually losing the ball.

      He could be money from the charity stripe if he learned how to attack and draw fouls.

      I liked watching him last year. He brought great energy from the bench. He even showed us some blood when the team really needed it to win games. 🙂

  2. I just hope we sign Lance Thomas he looks like he has a lot of potential, and unlike the rest of are 4’s he actually can play some “D”

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