Video: Monty Williams Reflects, Tells a Great Story About Chris Paul

One of the best things about the Clippers deal is that we will for the most part remain Chris Paul fans. Sure we’ll boo the crap out of him the first time he touches the ball in a game, but at some point on March 22nd Paul will get a hearty dose of goose bumps from the standing ovation the crowd is sure to give.

He was the best player we’ve ever had don the creole blue, a winner on and off the court, and a true inspiration and role model to young athletes everywhere. Cp3 us a lot of good years and went out of his way to ensure that the organization stayed strong after he left. Truth be told, he’s probably the biggest reason that I’m a Hornets writer.

This story Monty tells about CP3 in the video today is one of the best I’ve heard about him. Makes you glad that you can still be a Chris Paul fan.

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  1. The more I learn about Jarrett, the more I like him. Dude’s got brains.

    I’m looking forward to him being Big-Time J this year.

    Rooting for you, dude.

    • Me too, I am really starting to love Jack, especially since he helped me destroy my friend (the celtics) after I updated the roster. He had 28 pts 12 dimes, 6 boards, and 3 steals.

      But 2k aside he is really smart, you have to have like 3.8 coming out of high school to think of applying to Georgia Tech.

      He is an upstanding guy, and I am can’t wait to see him lead the Hornets this year.

  2. williebeaman75 William Bazzle
    @iDREAMofMIMI I’m quite sure it’s by choice. Seems like you should have plenty of options or choices.
    49 minutes ago

    Jarrettjack03 Jarrett Jack
    @williebeaman75 they gon find out
    38 minutes ago

  3. Wrong tweet at the top.

    williebeaman75 William Bazzle
    Everyone talking about NO don’t have anything since CP3 is gone. My man @Jarrettjack03 is fully capable!
    1 hour ago

    Jarrettjack03 Jarrett Jack
    @williebeaman75 they gon find out
    38 minutes ago

  4. Well, since the admins of this site do not wish to admit me as a registered member of the Hornets247 community… Lol
    I’ll just stick to putting my ideas on here thru comments instead of journals…
    So I apologize in advance if I deviate from the subject of the post…

    Trade scenarios are always fun to come up with… some use the dream trade idea where we are the clear benefactor of the trade… Usually leaving the other team(s) with sub par compensation(bad contracts or lesser players) that usually don’t even address their positional needs…
    I like to use the realistic approach… Where all teams get things that benefit their team…
    In saying that, I’ve been thinking of a way to get Paul George from the Pacers..
    I came to the conclusion that the Pacers last real need is a scoring 2.
    NO- Paul George and Goran Dragic (I would rather Lowry, Hill, or Collison but I’m trying to remain realistic)
    Hou- Mek
    Ind- Kevin Martin


    Cle- Mek
    NO- Sessions
    This won’t work in trade machine because it hasn’t accounted for the amnestied Davis

    Phi- Mek
    NO- Lou Williams and Nocioni
    Jrue took over as stater at point and Andres has fallen out of favor with rising swingmen on team.

    NJ- Ariza
    NO- Damion James
    NJ looking for a starting SF

    Just a few highly improbable ideas… Feel free to be critical

      • Stuckey. 42% fg%… 26% 3pt%… And only a 2:1 assist to turnover ratio…
        He is more of a combo guard and it just doesn’t make sense to sign a guy to a big money long term contract right now who doesn’t fill a positional need for us.
        Also Stuckey is a 2nd or 3rd tier guard at best…
        I believe this team needs a true pg.
        Nearly 10mil a year for stuckey is a step back for a franchise trying to rebuild with youth and draft picks… We need to look for guys still on rookie contracts if possible…
        My main point… 2:1 assist: turnover ratio… Not what you look for in a point guard… This is why Detroit drafted Brandon Knight.

    • I thought you said the problem was with Hornets Report.

      I’ll look into it. I have a couple of ideas of what may be the issue.

    • I really like that Pacers/Rockets trade! Only problem is, Paul George is brought onto a team that already has a big jam at the SF position. Maybe if that was followed up with an Ariza trade…

      • We do have a log jam… Kinda… Pondexter is a sg/sf… Aminu is a sf/pf (better suited for sf unless he fills out… But I’m operating under the assumption that Ariza and Mek will be shipped out sometime this year… Over the next three years we owe those two roughly 60mil… I don’t think they are worth it on our team… Those are our two biggest contracts and I have to think that Dell is looking for ways to shed them..

    • Well I’ve tried three times. With two different email accounts. It tells me that I will receive an email with p/w. Yet I never receive them.

      • If you’re talking about Hornets Report then I had the same problem, and then one day like a month later I tried to sign on and it worked. I duno what to tell you other than to just wait haha

      • Jo D . . . reply to this when you are on . . . then hang around for my response . . . I’m going to fix this for you (I hope).

      • I’m on… Midnight eh. Top flight.
        Now if only we could get all guest service and technical support groups to follow your lead…

      • ok, I’m about to come back on with a garbage password for you using the email you just typed in . .. you are typing in an email each time or something, yeah?

      • ok, you can actually use the username you tried with your `main’ email address.


        is the password.

        Let me know if it works.

        If it does, go your profile and change your password.


      • that’s we do things here.

        appreciate your persistence, by the way. It’s going to take me to the weekend to tinker with this, but i’m glad you brought this to our attention.

        Also, Jo, the profile tells you how to get an avatar . . . gotta go to that website. You can do than whenever you want.

        Anyone else having issues?

      • I’ll see about that avatar shortly.
        Nothing else man.
        I did check my spam folder tho, empty… Not sure if that matters… Might be useful info

  5. That’s Jarret Jack with the dui in Georgia who won’t be playing the first league game because of a suspension, right? No love for this guy. A pretend point guard who never saw a shot he didn’t like. No range on the jumper.

    Speaking of which: Gordon is a scorer, not a shooter, especially not from three where he is something like 36% career. Match that with Arizas clankathon and you’ve got ugly.

    With Paul gone and Marco likely coming off the bench, the Bees have no three point threats in the starting lineup. Defenses will collapse, forcing the Hornets to shoot from distance, and miss. That’s one down side of the trade. Marco and Chris Paul were the Hornets’ best threats from deep last year.

    Overall, though, the trade makes the Hornets better than they were last year. For me, sorry to say, Chris Paul was not realiably excellent last year. He’s more broken down than he lets on, and I’ve never liked his defense. Steals don’t reflect a great defender and Paul was routinely watching shots go over his head last year.

    What he can do for the Clippers on offense, if he’s healthy, fits perfectly into their dunk-oriented offense. He would not have been as good a fit with the Lakers, as I wrote earlier, with Kobe needing the ball in early offense.

    • Solid year from Jack… Not sure about breakout… Should be a good leader… But I believe Jack has already reached his ceiling statistically speaking.
      Expect something like 12 ppg 5apg 3rpg 1spg if we don’t trade for someone that takes over at starter

  6. Please tell me we are not just going to settle for JJ. He definitely thinks of himself first before the team. And he absolutely has never seen a shot he doesn’t like. He’s only a back up player and barely that. Demos should still be shopping for a true pg.

    • He was a starter in toronto in 09-10 season I believe so I think he has some starting experience, & too me he did a pretty good job backing up Cp3 & playing in the playoffs, he is very vocal & seems to have leadership qualities, I dont know what’s not to like about the guy really. I think he’s going to fit into the starting Pg role just fine

  7. First off, this video just makes me love Monty even more as our coach. He says all the right things and has the right mindset about them too. Plus I trust him to follow through on all the things he says.

    Second off, since the only basketball ever shown in the Great White North is the Raptors, I can tell you that I hate the Raptors but I was a big Jarret Jack fan. He’s a worker and a fighter. Sure he’s not gonna be one of the best PG in the league but he will work his @ss off to try and show you he is on their level.

  8. Dell should think outside the box and try and buy the rights to either Nick Calathes or Petteri Koponen. Calathes seems better suited to be a PG, but either would be a nice thing to have to develop for next year.

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